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6 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Milia

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Milia


Milia can be taken as a small white or yellowish bump that appears around or under the eyes of an individual. This can be formed on the areas like nose, cheeks, chest and head. These are simply the cystic bumps filled with keratin that may really leave an individual devastated sometimes because of the way they spoil your looks. Though they can happen in people of any age group, but are common with the new born babies the most and thus there comes a need to look for the ways applying which we can get rid of these milias. Simply follow the tips that we are mentioning so as to achieve the same.

6 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Milia

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Milia

1. Sandalwood Powder Mixed With Rose Water:-

Sandalwood powder has been found to have curative skin friendly properties in it. In case you are suffering from milia, you may choose to bring home some powdered sandalwood powder and take a portion of it to be mixed with rose water every day and make application of it on the affected area so as to get rid of the condition you are suffering from.

2. Make Application of Honey Mixed with Jojoba Oil:-

Jojoba oil, which is again skin friendly oil, can be bought in use so as to go for the treatment of milia as well. Simply take a portion of it and add some honey to it. Honey is again skin friendly and the mixture resulting after adding both of these ingredients should be applied daily on the affected areas. This will reduce the bumps and make you get rid of them.

3. Apply Castor Oil for Babies:-

As I told you earlier, babies are the most affected with milias and thus it is advised that you keep some castor oil in your home. Castor oil is baby skin friendly and thus you may choose to apply it daily on the affected areas of your baby’s skin so as to get rid of the bumps that have got formed.

4. Make Powder from Pomegranate Skin:-

The pomegranate that we eat as a fruit can also prove to be beneficial against milias. Simply relish the juice of this fruit and spare its skin so as to dry it up under the sun and convert it to powdered form afterwards. This powder should be applied daily on the affected skin areas so as to get rid of milia.

5. Milia Treatment Creams:-

If no home based approach seems to be beneficial in your case, you may even choose to meet some dermatologist and ask him to recommend you some treatment cream for this purpose. There are several medicated creams available at all leading chemist stores for this purpose and the dermatologist will recommend you the best one amongst these for your skin. Simply go for the regular application of it a get rid of milias.

6. Turmeric Mixed With Gram Flour and Sandalwood Powder:-

Again sandalwood powder can also be mixed with some gram flour or turmeric so as to make a mixture with it in a paste like form. This paste should be regularly applied on the affected skin areas and I can guarantee you proven benefits against the lumps that have been formed on your skin areas.


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