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6 Best Home Remedies to Bloating and Gas

Home Remedies For Bloating


Sometimes, there is an undesired increase in the abdominal area of a person that leads to swelling that is often much painful and there is often a growling of stomach reported in some cases. The problem is associated with the abdominal area and hence may prove to be quite irksome sometimes and there comes a need to look for some home remedies so as to cure it. Some of the below listed home remedies can be bought in use in such a situation.

6 Best Home Remedies to Bloating and Gas Treatment

Home Remedies to Bloating and Gas

1. Onion + Coriander Leaves:-

Take out juice from some onions along with coriander leaves and then take it on daily basis. This will make you get rid of the problem of bloating in certain ways by making you get relieved against the symptoms of it including the abdominal pain and swelling. You may even choose to add some ginger to this juice so as to get added benefits.

2. Go for the Caraway Seeds:-

These ones can really make you get relieved against the problem of bloating by bringing down the gas caused by the action of harmful bacteria in the abdominal area and then prevent these bacteria from doing the further damage to the abdominal area of the specific person. The associated person thus gets a relief against the problem of bloating related swelling as well.

3. Chew Fennel Seeds after food:-

Fennel seeds can be chewed after food along with some sugar granules so as to cure the problem of bloating. You may even choose to go for them by adding them to food or chewing them during the rest of your day span so as to get relieved against the gas caused by these bacteria as well as the swelling that they cause to the associated person.

4. Peppermint leaves and peppermint oil:-

The peppermint leaves can be chewed so as to get relief against the problems associated with bloating. You may even choose to go for adding peppermint oil to your tea so as to get added benefits against the gastric problems as well as swelling related to bloating problem.

5. The food should be rich in fibers:-

If you are suffering from the problem of bloating, you are advised to take food rich in the content of fiber as it is proven that fiber rich food gets digested easily and others may take some more time than the fiber rich food to be digested by the human digestion system and thus you may choose to go for the fiber rich food so as to enhance proper digestion and get relieved against the problems that may result due to indigestion in body.

6. Dandelion tea And Chamomile tea:-

Both these teas are proven to be relaxant against the gas problem in body. It has rather been proven that these teas can even enhance the process of digestion in human body and thus prove to be a relieving agent against the symptoms of bloating as well. These teas are rather cheap to be made at home and are easily to be added to anybody’s schedule as well.


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