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6 Home Remedies for Treating Common Cold

Home Remedies for Common Cold


Common cold may be regarded as a viral infectious disease that affects the nose and the person keeps on sneezing. The added symptoms of it can vary from fever, runny nose, sore throat and coughing, etc. The condition is likely to occur much often when the season changes and though it may look a small problem still it may make a huge loss to you as nobody likes a runny nose or an all time sneezing fellow and as this one is an infectious disease, it is likely to spread much quickly. Being a viral infection, there is a great need to look for the home remedies to cure this disease, some of which have been explained by us in this article.

Home Remedies for Treating Common Cold

1. Basil Leaves:-

Basil is a medicinal holy plant worshipped in India that is known for its medicinal properties. The leaves of this plant have the property to cure common cold as well. You just need to pluck 2-3 leaves of this plant and add them while making tea along with ginger in it. The tea will work as a medicine for you against common cold. If you make a habit of eating 2 basil leaves everyday, you won’t ever get in the grab of common cold as well.

2. Cinnamon:-

Cinnamon is another thing that you can add to your tea or hot milk in order to stay free of common cold. This one is basically a spice made from the bark of cinnamon tree that comes equipped with medicinal properties and thus can be used to combat against common cold.

3. Steam:-

You can take steam by boiling some water and taking steams from it through your nose. This will treat your runny nose that has resulted because of common cold. You can even take some common cold medicine as well.

4. Vaporizer Gels:-

There are some vaporizer gels available these days at every leading medical store like Vicks etc that may help you get relieved from common cold. You just need to purchase it from medical store and get it rubbed on your chest as well as your nostrils. You can even choose to add it to the warm water that you are taking steam from and it will relieve you from common cold itself. If it still does not relieve you, you can go and meet some good health specialist now.

5. Relieve The Symptoms:-

You can chose to relieve the symptoms of common cold, one by one. First of all take a pill for fever, then go for the treatment of runny nose and then seek some cure for runny nose. There are some chewing tablets these days that can help you get rid of this problem of yours or you may seek for some other herb like mulaithi that is proven to help you against common cold.

6. Honey + Yellow Myrobalan (Terminalia Chebula):-

A mixture of “honey” and ‘yellow myrobalan” or the scientific name “Terminalia chebula” can be used in order to get rid of common cold as well. Just make a paste mixing both and take it twice a day. You will get rid of common cold much easily.


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