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Top 5 Home Remedies for Taking Care of Skin

Home Remedies for Skin Care


Skin is a human sensory need as we experience what we feel by touching someone and that touch can come possible only with it. The skin contains pores from which the sweat comes out and when these pores get clogged or blocked, the person may meet various skin related disorders. It has been seen that sometimes some people may also be associated with multiple skin related allergies as well that happen due to various atmospheric allergens. If you need to take care of your skin, you may choose to go for some simple approaches that we are mentioning here.

Top 5 Home Remedies for Taking Care of Skin

Home Remedies for Taking Care of Skin

1. Home Based Face Packs:-

The home based face packs have been found to be the best home remedy for skin care approaches. Simply take 4tbsp gram flour and add 1 tsp of turmeric to it. Mix it well and then add some rose water to it so as to use it as a face pack. You may also choose to add some sandal wood powder to it so as to get added benefits.

2. Neem, A Perfect Solution for All Skin Problems:-

Neem, which is an Indian medicinal plant can prove to cure all your skin problems and make you able to go for skin care with a single solution for all your skin problems. Simply take out any form of this tree, including the tree bark or tree leaves so as to extract the juice from it and bathe daily in that juice after adding it to your bathing water. You will see favorable results for sure. This juice can also be added to your face pack and you may even apply it externally as well.

3. Fuller’s Earth as A Natural Chemical Free Skin Care Formula:-

Fuller’s earth that you may regard as the soil from Multan, can be converted to the powdered form so as to use it as a face pack or you may even apply it directly to your back area as well as other skin parts so as to get rid of all the skin problems and enhance skin care with yourself. Fuller’s earth is rather a chemical free home remedy and thus we advise you to make use of it.

4. Home Based Face Masks:-

The proven remedy to enhance skin care is home based face mask. Simply take some outer covering of oranges that we call as the orange peel and dry it up under the sun for a few days. Convert it to the powdered form and then add that powder to some yoghurt so as to use it as a face pack and you will get relieved against all your skin problems for sure this way.

5. Honey Plus Yoghurt:-

The yoghurt, that we regularly make and consume at home by culturing the bacteria in milk can also be bought it use so as to apply it on skin as a home remedy after adding some honey to it. Simply apply the mixture on your skin and then rinse it off with water after it dries out so as to enhance skin care with yourself.


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