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Home Remedies for Piles Treatment At Home

Piles Treatment At Home


The best way to treat piles at home is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. And if the person is associated with a hot region , the need of water to him may even be more. one must drink as much amount of water as he can when he gets up in the morning.

Home Remedies for Piles Treatment At Home

Home Remedies for Piles Treatment At Home

the constipation associated with the condition of piles may be cured by having a diet rich in fibres. one should take enough fruits and veggies and nuts and whole grains or a few processed foods or meats in his meals and snacks. if this type of food is not available the person may intake food supplements specially meant for stool softness.

the salt intake of the person needs to be kept on a watch. Much intake of the salt in diets may cause fluid retention to the person and may cause the veins to swell up and cause the condition of piles. sitting at a single place for a couple of hours may even cause piles. The person should take enough breaks in his sitting period to be away from piles or while in his office he should have standing breaks and walking breaks besides sitting also. petroleum gelly may be inserted inside the anus to make the bowel movements associated with a less amount of pain to the person.

use some good pillow or a cushion at your back while sitting that may make your sitting more comfortable and relieve you from the pain and pressure of piles. itching can be overcome with the usage of soothening itching relief ointments.
to do any specific task where exertion is desired, breathe evenly. it is common that people hold their breath during exertion and if the person suffering from piles does so, straining and swelling may even occur to him.

the person may even feel sometimes to scratch up the area of piles but this may make the situation even more worse than before and make the veins more irritated and the itching may get more intense then before and the skin in that area may even get damaged worsening the situation. the person suffering from piles should not sit on the toilet seat for more then five minutes interval of time.

While washing or wiping off the stool area he must be gentle and while washing proper care must be done and then the area should be dabbed dry. Some people use toilet paper that feels irritating to them in piles , the toilet paper should be made damped up before using so that it may not make the area more irritated. so making a proper care with the area involved, is likely to cure piles as quick as possible.


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