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6 Home Remedies for Keeping Ants Out of your House

Home Remedies For Ants


Ant invasion that leaves every homemaker devastated. It has been a couple of hours since she mopped the floor and ants can be seen invading it so as to reach the tiny food released matter that has fallen on the floor accidently by children. There can be many ants seen around you depending on the species and thus there comes a need to get rid of them in a better way which you can do with the help of tips that I am mentioning here for you.

6 Home Remedies for Keeping Ants Out of your House

Home Remedies for Keeping Ants Out of your House

1. Turmeric So As To Make Hurdles:-

You may choose to make hurdles for these ants with the help of turmeric powder that you use daily so as to give colour to the veggies that you make at home. It has been found that ants take turmeric as a hurdle and choose to stay away from it.

2. Lemon Juice for Carpenter Ants:-

If you find the exact hide out or colonies of these ants, you may choose to fill an injection with lemon juice and sprinkle that juice up on these colonies so as to get rid of the ants in a better way. Lemon juice is sour and acidic in nature and thus ants choose to stay away from it.

3. Burn Them Up With Boiling Water:-

If you find the exact hide out of these ants, like their colonies or mud tunnels etc, you may choose to boil some water and heat it in access so as to put it off on this colonies so as to make these ants get burnt away. Boiling water will burn off all the ants and even their dead bodies will get buried in their own hide outs this way.

4. Kerosene oil or soap/detergent solution:-

You may also choose to go for flooding the colonies of these ants with the help of kerosene oil as it will burn them up. you may also choose to dissolve some detergent in water or toilet acid so as to put it on colonies of these ants to get rid of them.

5. Ant Repellant Chalks:-

There are certain kinds of ant repellent chalks available in the markets at all departmental stores these days that prove to be helpful against the ants. You simply need to make a circle with this chalk around the places where ants keep on roaming around and as this chalk is poisonous to ants, they will get killed getting entrapped in this chalk circle and ultimately die.

6. Sprinkle Pesticides On Colonies:

The chemicals that are used to kill pests are known as pesticides and even the ants come under this category only. The pesticide chemicals can be easily purchased from all the leading chemist shops and can be sprayed directly on these ants so as to kill them or you may even spray up the common ants affected areas with these chemicals. You may choose any form of these chemicals including the aerosol sprays that spray up these chemicals with pressure as well as nozzle based sprays that can reach even the small holes made by these ants as a hide outs.


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