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6 Home Remedies For High Fever and Dizziness

Home Remedies For High Fever and Dizziness


Fever is a sudden rise in temperature that makes us feel diseased. Often this health problem is accompanied with dizziness, feeling the surrounding world to be revolving, the forehead to start rising high in temperature and often the cases of fainting are reported in some cases as well. Fever is a cause of concern in many cases and there may be several reasons behind it. In case you are suffering from fever, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

Home Remedies For High Fever and Dizziness

Home Remedies For High Fever and Dizziness

1. The medicinal and holy Basil Leaves Juice:-

It has been found that the leaves of basil plant have got medicinal properties in them. One of these properties is the treatment of fever. Simply take out the juice from the leaves of Basil plant and consume it regularly adding some honey to it. Basil juice proves to be effective in almost all the problems related to weather change and this is why basil juice is advised.

2. Get benefited with Cold Water and Ice based Approach:-

In case of seasonal fevers the cold water or ice pack treatment may also prove to have benefits certainly. Simply have some ice cubes kept in a bowl full of water and dip cotton bandages in it. Use these bandages by keeping them on the patient’s forehead to relieve him against temperature.

3. Ginger Juice Mixed With Honey, An Awesome Way To Get Rid Of Fever:-

Mix some ginger root juice with honey or make a paste with ginger and honey giving it to the patient time to time. This home based approach is proven to have benefits for sure against fever. Ginger can be consumed directly, or you may even add it to your regular diet of fried vegetables.

4. The Peppermint Tea:-

In a study it was revealed that the patients who were kept on the diet with peppermint tea in it proved to get cured easily against the problem of temperature rise and thus you are advised to add it in your daily schedule to get treated against fever. Peppermint is rather a proven remedy against various other weather changes related problems as well.

5. Have Some Milk Mixed With Honey And Turmeric:-

The milk that you consume should be added with honey and turmeric in it. Both these agents have got curative properties against fever. Do not totally stay on home based approaches as in case it turns out to be a mosquito generated fever, the blood platelets count will also get affected adversely.

6. Tea Made With Cinnamon In It Can Also Make Fever Go Away:-

The normal tea that you consume daily at snack time can also prove to have curative benefits against fever as well. Simply add some cinnamon, honey and basil leaves while making your tea and consume it daily to get benefited against fever. Above all, do not forget to get the medicines prescribed from a good doctor to avoid the situation from getting out of control.


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