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5 Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Cats

Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Cats


If you are a cat owner like me, you must be aware of what we call ear mites and it you are not aware with that let me tell you what it is. You must have seen some tiny insect like organism residing in your pet’s ears sometimes, well this is what we call an ear mite and this happens the most with cats. If you have got a pet cat that you take care of, the mites must be a thing that you need to get rids of and in case you need to achieve the same, you may choose to go for the simple to follow tips that we are mentioning here.

Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Cats

Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Cats

1. Clean the Ear Area with Some Mustard Oil and Brush:-

First of all take some mustard oil in some utensil and take a brush (preferably the one that we brush teeth with). Dip the brush in the mustard oil and massage the cat’s ear with that brush. The mite in your cat’s ears will get wiped off this way. If possible you can wait for your cat to sleep as sometimes the cats get agitated when you do something with their ears.

2. The Mite Removal Liquids:-

There are some mite removal liquids available with all pet stores that you can purchase and bring in use to remove the ear mites or in case you feel it insecure to do it yourself, you may take your cat to some veterinary centre to get it done with professional’s help. Approaches need to be followed regarding the weekly and regularly cleaning of your pet, so as to avoid mites reside in your cat’s ears as it is my personal experience that when we pay attention to our pet even once in a week, the infestation of mites can be prevented to much extent.

3. Do Something For The Eggs Laid By Mites:-

I had read it somewhere that the ear mites lay eggs that can sometimes prove to be a dangerous situation as you may manage to get rid of mites, but the eggs laid by them are still residing in your pet’s ears. You are advised to clean the entire area and not just the visible mite to get added benefits regarding this purpose.

4. Have the Living Area Vacuum Cleaned Everyday:-

You are advised to keep the area vacuum cleaned everyday where you and your pet reside. This proves to eliminate small bugs and insects and even the mites if they are out of your cat’s ears somewhere on the floor, in mat or the mattresses.

5. Keep Your Pet Away From Others:-

The another reason for your pet cat to have mites with ears may be that these days your pet cat is playing a lot with the local cats and the mites get transported from their ears to your cat’s ears. You are advised not to let your cat play with the local cats or stay in touch with the other animals so as to avoid the export of mites.


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