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6 Best Home Remedies for Dry Damaged Hair Repair

Home Remedies for Dry Hair


When the moisture in your hair gets ended up, your hair are said to be dry. Such people do not have enough shine and texture enough to look presentable and thus the hair gets dry as well as tempered. The problem with such person will be from inside and the hair follicles won’t be able to maintain oil or moisture for the hair. This problem can occur in the case of both men as well as women and can make them feel very much hard for themselves to comb their hair as well. Often, such person will meet hair breakage and thus will feel depressed about it and thus we are explaining some remedies for you to combat this problem in your case.

Home Remedies for Dry Damaged Hair Repair

Home Remedies for Dry Damaged Hair Repair

1. Wash Your Hair With Milk:-

In order to combat dryness of hair, you can choose to wash them with milk so as to provide the desired nutrition to them. The more your hair get nutrition, the more they likely to get moisturized and the easier it gets for you to combat with dryness.

2. Egg Yolk:-

In order to combat with dryness of hair, You need to take some eggs, beat them up to take out the yolk, take out the yolk in a glass and stir it up using a spoon and then apply it on your hair while bathing and then rinse it off after half an hour. This approach is guaranteed to enhance the moisture content of your hair and then make you easily combat with dryness of hair as well.

3. Sesame Oil, Castor Oil or Olive Oil:-

In order to get rid of the problem of Dry hair, you are advised to make the use of some essential oils like sesame oil, Castor oil and olive oil etc as these oils are proven to promote your hair growth and help you keep them moisturize them as well.

4. Wash Up With Neem Water Or Apple Cider Vinegar:-

You can even choose to massage your hair with apple cider vinegar that can be easily made at home or can even be purchased from the market as it has been proven that it can help you deal up to some extent with the problem of dry hair. You can even choose to wash your hair from time to time with water boiled up with neem leaves in it soon as to get rid of scalp related problems.

5. Honey, Avocado Juice:-

If nothing shows effect in your case, you can even choose to apply some honey or avocado juice on your hair as well. Avocado juice will rather improve your hair strength and make them strong and shiny enough to look presentable.

6. Apply Home Based Yoghurt:-

The yoghurt that is made daily in our homes by fermenting the milk, allowing the culture of bacteria in it can be applied on hair so as to get rid of the problem of dry hair and so as to make them capable enough to hold moisture in them. You can choose to go for this approach once a week so as to get benefited to much extent.


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