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6 Home Remedies for Congestion Treatment

Home Remedies for Congestion


Nasal congestion refers to the nasal condition in which a blockage occurs with your nasal area. The nose gets stuffy and often it is caused by co0mmon cold as an added symptom. In order to go for the treatment of nasal congestion, you can choose to go for some home based approaches or remedies that we are mentioning here.

Home Remedies for Congestion

Home Remedies for Congestion

1. Take steam regularly:-

Keep a towel to cover your face and sit by the side of your comfortable bed. Let the warm steam come in contact with your face and take the steam. You may choose to add some herbs to the boiling water so as to get steam from it. You are advised not to get much closer to it as steam may cause you severe burns if comes in contact with you.

2. Try out Humidifiers:-

You may also choose to go for the humidifiers so as to add some moisture to the air and soothe you against the congestion related outcomes. This will certainly help you as it has been proven that it soothes you against the nasal inflammation.

3. Let the Mucus Flow Out:-

Often people try to block the flow of mucus so as to get relief against congestion, but let me tell you that it is better if you let it flow from your nasal passage. You may achieve this step by adjusting the head or lying condition on your bed and you may even choose to go for the approaches that let you have the mucus flow out easily.

4. Try Out Vaporub Gels:-

Often people keep vaporub gels in their homes so as to get relieved against congestion. Simply apply the gel on your nose or nasal area and then sleep, keeping your face covered with a quilt so as to let perspiration take place. This will help you treat the problem of congestion in an easy way. You may even choose to add this gel while taking the steam so as to get rid of congestion in an easy way.

5. Saline Sprays For Congestion Relief:-

Saline sprays can prove to be a boon for your nasal passage if you bring them in use so as to get relieved against the problem of congestion. These sprays prove to open up the blocked nasal area and relieve you against the problem of nasal blockage and thus they prove to be the best option for you.

6. Basil and Mint Leaves:-

The basil plant is thought to be the holy and worshipped plant amongst all the medicinal plants. You may choose to go for taking the juices out of these plants and then consume that so as to get relieved against the problem of congestion.


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