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6 Best Home Remedies for Cholesterol Treatment

Home Remedies for Cholesterol


Though Cholesterol is made by the body itself for its needs but still we have to take it from our diet as well. Cholesterol can be good for us if taken in limited amounts while an excess of it can really make our heart weaker and may even result in problems like heart attack as well. There are two kinds of cholesterol in the human body, One amongst these is the LDL or the bad cholesterol and the other one is the HDL or the good quality cholesterol. In order to bring down the cholesterol under control, we advise you some of the home remedies that are mentioned below.

Home Remedies for Cholesterol Treatment

Home Remedies for Cholesterol Treatment

1. Bring home some Onions:-

Yeah, the first thing to do so as to bring your body cholesterol under control is to go for onions. Simply bring them home and consume them as a salad or take out the juice from them and then add a teaspoon honey in it and then consume it so as to bring about the desired control in the level of cholesterol in your body.

2. Add Red Yeast Rice to your diet plan:-

Those one contains monosaturated fats and has been proven in Asian culture to bring about a desired control to the human cholesterol levels and thus you may choose to add it to your diet so as to bring about a desired downfall in the number of cholesterol in your body.

3. Go For An Oatmeal:-

Though oats may sound unpleasant to you because of their taste, but they can really help you lower down the level of cholesterol naturally in your body. The LDL that I mentioned as the bad cholesterol, can be easily combated by taking oatmeals in the morning.

4. Take Orange Juice during the day:-

It has been proven scientifically that any food item taken in the juicy or fluid form is best absorbed by the body and thus the body is able to get the best out of it. Orange juice rather is a rich source of Vitamin-C and It is proven that this Vitamin can really help you reduce the cholesterol level of your body, making you get relieved against the problem of cholesterol and thus many heart related problems as well.

5. Coriander Seeds and leaves:-

Coriander, which is a kitchen garnishing agent that your mother will be using for sure so as to decorate much of her vegetable dishes and bring about the desired aroma in her food can really help you combat the problem of body cholesterol. Simply bring home some coriander seeds or coriander leaves and consume them on a daily basis so as to get relieved against the problem of cholesterol.

6. Take Nuts and raisins:-

Simple soak up some nuts and raisins overnight and consume them in the morning. These may involve the cashews, Pistachios, almonds and other nuts like ground nuts etc. Simple take them after soaking over night or you may even choose to go for making some cold milk based drink from them as well. Simply grind up these nuts in the morning in a grinder and then add some milk and honey in that and gulp it up.


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