6 Good Home Remedies for Back Acne Marks

Home Remedies for Back Acne


Back acne refers to the skin problem that occurs at the back portion of a normal human being. You may take it in simpler words as a situation in which the acne occurs at back portion of your body. This condition is also named as “Bacne” due to this reason only. Those who suffer from the problem of acne on face might be prone to this one as well and this generally happens when the oil glands at the back portion of a person get deposited with excess oils. The bacteria infestation makes it worse and thus there comes a need to treat it which can be done following some simple home remedies that we are mentioning here.

6 Good Home Remedies for Back Acne Marks - HowFlux

Home Remedies for Back Acne Marks

1. Fuller’s Earth:-

Fuller’s earth is a type of clayish soil that has been found to have curative properties regarding skin problems. In order to get rid of the problem of back acne, start using fuller’s earth cakes instead of soap to bath. you will see that acne is going day by day. You may even choose to use it as a back pack.

2. Neem Bark Extract:-

Neem, which is a plant rich in medicinal properties, can be bought in use so as to get rid of the back acne problem. Simple peel off some of the neem tree bark and take out juice from it so as to be applied on your back area. You may even choose to go for neem leaves so as to do that.

3. Add Epsom Salt To Your Bath Tub:-

Epsom salt, which is readily available on all leading stores has been found to be much effective against the problem of back acne. Simply add a portion of it to your bathing water so as to bath with it and do this regularly. The back acne problem will soon fade in your case.

4. Dilute Bathwater with Apple Cider Vinegar:-

You may also choose to go for adding a part of apple cider vinegar daily to your bath water. It has been found that those who follow this approach can get rid if back acne problem in a better way as apple cider vinegar has been found to be equipped with acne treatment properties in it

5. Apply Honey+ Yoghurt on the Back Area:-

Mix up a tablespoon of honey with four tablespoon yoghurt by blending both in a blender so as to form paste. Apply this regularly on your back as a backpack, keeping it applied for half an hour and then rinse off with water. This technique proves to be equally beneficial in case of back acne as it does in the case of skin acne.

6. Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil and Cinnamon:-

Cinnamon, which comes amongst the top kitchen spices, has been found to be equipped with properties that make it an ideal essential for back acne. You may also choose to go for the application of oils like Tea tree oil, lavender oil etc. so as to make your skin get relieved against this problem.


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