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6 Natural Home Remedies For Bronchitis

Natural Remedies for Bronchitis


Bronchitis can be taken as a health problem associated with inflammation of the bronchi part of the lungs and as the case is of the lungs, this health problem also associated with the shortness of breath as well as the other symptoms like wheezing, coughing up mucus and discomfort related to chest as well. If you are experiencing the same, you may choose to go for the simple to follow home based remedies that we are mentioning here.

6 Natural Home Remedies Bronchitis that Works Effectively

Home Remedies Bronchitis that Works Effectively

1. Take Some Honey:-

You can choose to go for honey as a home remedy against bronchitis as it has been revealed in a survey conducted on the patients of bronchitis that those who added honey to their daily diet plan were much relieved against the symptoms that bronchitis comes along with and thus honey can help you a lot so as to get relieved against the bronchitis problem.

2. Ginger against Inflammation:-

The inflammation caused by bronchitis problem can be best relieved, making use of ginger adding ginger juice to your diet and adding ginger to the veggies that you eat. Ginger is rather cheaply available on all leading green grocery stores and can be easily added to anyone’s diet.

3. Chew the Garlic Cloves:-

It has been found that chewing the cloves of garlic, which is a bulbous product of the garlic plant can also help you a lot so as to get rid of the bronchitis problem in a better way. Garlic cloves can also be used so as to make paste from it so as to consume it with chapattis that you daily eat.

4. Take Steam for Bronchitis:-

Warm up the water on gas stove so as to make it generate steams. You may also choose to add some vaporub gel to this steam water as well. Now take this steam from a safe distance covering your head with a cloth and you will be able to breathe in a proper way like this. Steam is a proven approach for opening up the oral passages and thus proves to relieve you from the symptoms that this problem makes you suffer with.

5. Do Gargle Several Times a Day:-

Take some Luke Warm water, adding some salt to it and do gargle daily with this home based formula. It will relieve you against coughing problem and hence proves to be a better home remedy for treatment of bronchitis. You are advised to repeat this act several times a day so as to get immediate and proven health benefits.

6. Basil Leaves As an Instant Action:-

Basil, which is an Indian holy medicinal plant, can also relieve you against the symptoms of bronchitis, including coughing, inflammation, etc. You may chew basil leaves directly, or you may add them to your tea along with cinnamon as well. The juice from these leaves can also be extracted so as to drink it on regular basis as a home remedy against bronchitis.


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