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How to Hold a Viking Funeral

How to Hold a Viking Funeral


In the times of kings and queens, the Vikings were the warriors. In the days of that time what we address by the name “Viking age”, noble and kind Vikings used to hold funerals for the other Vikings who usually died showing bravery in their fights. This was a way to pay tribute to the bravery and enthusiasm of that fighter. Viking funeral included a human sacrifice in which a thrall was exposed to sexual rite and then she was stabbed and strangled so that she could serve her master in the upper heaven after death. It could also consist cremation in a ship or land. Here are some ways in which you can hold a Viking funeral in today’s world.

How to Hold a Viking Funeral

How to Hold a Viking Funeral

1. Procure the Viking’s Body:-

In order to celebrate a Viking funeral, you will first of all need a Viking body. This can be the dead body of any warrior who showed bravery before dying in the war. Just know the history of a dead person before bringing his dead body.

2. Find a Boat:-

Find a suitable Viking funeral boat now and decorate it like anything. You can even construct the boat yourself if you know how to carve out a boat from the woods. If you don’t know how to make a boat, you can purchase the one from fisherman’s or boat makers.

3. Place the Dead Body into That Boat:-

Once you get the boat, you will need to place the Viking’s dead body inside it. Often a dead body is too heavy to lift and thus you can ask a friend to accompany you during your journey to take the Viking body into the boat.

4. Add Essentials of Daily Luxury into That Boat:-

After placing the Viking’s dead body into boat, we place a piece of cloth on the Viking’s body and then we place all the essentials of daily luxury and basic needs inside that boat. The boat contains simply everything that the Viking will need in his afterlife.

5. Wear A Viking Outfit:-

While performing a Viking funeral, you should be clad in a Viking outfit with the helmet of horns and the Viking suit perfectly clad over your body. Be gracious and fearless while speaking like a Viking and acting like a Viking to give your friend’s body a last salute of tribute.

6. Light Up the Ship:-

In the end, we light up the ship or boat with fire. We salute the Viking in Viking style and finally the Viking’s soul reaches the other world. The same approach is followed every time we plan a Viking funeral and then the Viking dress and helmet of horns is placed back into the closet.


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