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HIV In Pregnancy Guidelines

HIV Pregnancy Guidelines


Introduction to HIV and Aids:-

HIV or human immune deficiency virus is a type of virus that makes the immune system weaker day by day by attacking it and multiplying itself. The immune system in any person makes him free from diseases and gives him power to fight the diseases and fighting out the infections in the body. The people with hiv virus in them are not likely to show symptoms for years though the virus is still damaging the immune system and multiplying itself.

HIV In Pregnancy Guidelines

HIV In Pregnancy Guidelines

Suppose a person has develops many types of cancer and is unable to fight common infections, he or she should be diagnosed for aids. HIV virus may take up to ten years to transform itself into aids and there is no cure to this disease till yet but still there are many medications that can be used to make the person fight some of the infections.

HIV virus can be detected by the blood test of the person and if the test comes positive he is virus infected though he or she may not feel any of the symptoms or sickness but is still likely to transmit the virus to some other person, and if the test comes negative he is not having the virus in him or her. Hiv virus can be transmitted through sex so while making love with your partner, make sure to use a condom and never share your needles and piercings with some other person or even tattoos.

HIV in pregnant women:-

if the mother is hiv positive, the baby is also likely to be born with aids. So if the women is pregnant, it is strongly recommended to have a test for hiv even if she thinks she is not at the risk of having it. Infection of hiv may go without symptoms or sickness for years ,hence there comes the need to have a hiv test before pregnancy.

If you know you have hiv virus multiplying in you , the baby can be saved from having an infection. Special care must be provided by the doctors to the baby and the women to make the baby stay healthy and reduce the chance to have an infection.

The chance that hiv will be transformed from the mother to the baby is twenty five percent of all the cases. A proper treatment is likely to reduce this chance of mother-baby transmission of hiv to nearly four percent and hence the baby can be saved from having an hiv infection.


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