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6 Smart Ways to Hide Photos on your iPhone

How to Hide Photos in iPhone


With the name of the iPhone getting much popular these days amongst youngsters, teenagers and adults, everybody these days wishes to purchase an iPhone some day. This one is simply the best amongst the list of smart phones in terms of picture clarity, camera and other such specifications and thus proves to be the name on every mouth. With great picture clarity arises the urge to keep on clicking Selfies and thus an iPhone user is likely to seek for a feature to hide his or her photos so that if someone touches their phone without their permission, he may not be able to view them. You can hide photos in your iPhone following these easy steps.

6 Smart Ways to Hide Photos on your iPhone

How to Hide Photos on your iPhone

1. Locate the Photo that you wish to hide:-

If you wish to hide any photograph in your iPhone, you will first need to locate the photograph in your camera roll or album. You will find your pictures at these places only. When you find the picture, you have to tap on that picture with your finger. The picture will get opened.

2. Longer Touch the Picture:-

In order to hide any picture, you will have to make a long-touch on it. This will bring the action menu appears on screen. In action menu, you will find an option to hide any picture which will read as “Hide”. You will have to choose this “Hide” option in order to hide any picture.

3. Tap the Hide Photo Option:-

When you tap “Hide” option, a particular picture gets hidden. You can’t hide all the pictures in a single go and instead you have to perform the same task for each and every picture one by one. Simply follow the same approach one by one with each and every picture that you wish to find. Just locate it, long press it and click “Hide” option from the menu options available.

4. Finding the Hidden Pictures:-

The files that you hide get saved in a particular hidden files folder. In order to locate these hidden files on your iPhone, you will have to locate “photos” application. After locating the photos application of your iPhone, you will have to tap on “albums” view. Somewhere in these albums will be the hidden album and you can locate it from this list. The hidden pictures are never displayed in the photos application, but instead there is a separate album named as hidden album created for them.

5. Unhiding a Picture:-

The pictures which get hidden this way can be made unhide by locating the picture in hidden folder and then Tap the name of that picture and choosing unhide from submenu. The picture becomes visible again. The drawback here is that you can’t hide or unhide all the pictures in a same go.

6. It Is Better You Download a Locking Application Instead:-

Often you get irritated when you have to hide or unhide a single picture at a time and thus apple application store makes you able to download multiple locking tools and file hiding applications in order to make your pictures secure. You can also download one such application in order to secure your photographs.


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