How To Hide Last Seen On Facebook

How To Hide Last Seen On Facebook


Facebook is a social networking website that has become too much popular amongst people of all age groups these days. It has connected people from all parts of the world and serves as the best way to keep people connected with each other. There is an option for watching when an individual had been online for the last time, which we call the “Last seen” of that user and it can be determined looking at the messages of that person or by looking at the name of that person in the chat list of Facebook applications. In order to hide this last seen, you just need to make some simple changes with your Facebook and these changes are as follows:-

How To Hide Last Seen On Facebook

How To Hide Last Seen On Facebook

1. Open Facebook within the Application and Messenger:-

First of all you will need to run both the messenger as well as the Facebook application in your device one by one and then you will need to switch off the chat option in them. Going offline this way through the settings would make your last seen stay the same as it was seen earlier and you would still be online but your status would be offline. The last seen would automatically get hidden after some time.

2. Get Your Status as Offline:-

Get your status as offline even through the web browser. Simply enter in the URL of your web browser and the dedicated website for Facebook will get opened. Simply reach the chat option and set your status as offline. After setting your status as offline, you would still be online, but the website won’t make you seen available for chat.

3. If Even That Does Not Work:-

In case even that does not work, you are perhaps online because of the Facebook application. Sometimes you may have status as offline, but the Facebook application would still show you online. Simply un-install the Facebook application or messenger and switch to the mobile browser like opera or UC browser in such cases and switch off the chat. You would get sorted.

4. Look at the Last Seen from Some Other Friend’s Facebook I.D:-

After making all these changes within your Facebook application, messenger and browser, you would be required to check if the changes have been done in a perfect way and this can be done simply by asking some of your friends if you are seen offline or online. Ask him to check your last scene and look if the changes have been made permanent. You can even choose to stay offline for some selected friends only and this can be done with the chat options provided within the Facebook website.


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