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Herbal Treatment for Hormonal Acne

herbal treatment for acne


1. Garlic:-

the scientific name of garlic is allium sativum and garlic or garlic paste proves much helpful in reducing acne from an individual’s skin. in order to use garlic on your skin, you just need to rub your acne with raw garlic four to five times a day, it helps to relieve the pain caused by acne and also provides the healing effect.

Herbal Treatment for Hormonal Acne

Herbal Treatment for Hormonal Acne

2. Aloevera:-

aloe or aloevera is an exceptional skin cleanser. the juice of the plant helps in treating the infection and can be applied directly. the juice of aloevera plant provides the healing effect. the aloevera plant can be planted in a small pot in your home rather than searching for aloe products in the chemist shop. to use aloe on the acne affected area, you simply need to split off a part of aloe leaf and rub the pulp containing juice directly on the acne affected area.

3. Lemon:-

the scientific name of lemon is Citrus limon. lemon is generally available in every vegetable market. or a lemon tree can also be planted in order to use lemon on the acne affected area, you just need to dip a cotton ball in some of the lemon juice and use it on your face or you can “steam clean” the face by by putting it over a pan of boiling water with a towel over your head to trap the steam.  lemon acid proves much helpful in curing acne.

4. Amaranth:-

the scientific name of amarnath is Amaranthus spinosus, to use amarnath on the acne affected area, you simply need to make a cup of tea from its seeds and use the tea as a face wash. to make the tea simply boil 3 cups of water with two teaspoons of seeds. cover the container with plate and boil it for 5 minutes. let it cool for five minutes and steep for thirty minutes. use it as any other daily life face wash.

5. Neem:-

the scientific name of neem is Azadirachta indica. neem trees are generally found everywhere and neem has the most of medicinal properties in built in it. it is an Ayurveda accepted medicine generally used for its anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral capabilities. while going for a morning walk fresh 5 leaves of neem can be eaten everyday in order to be free from acne.


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