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How do Helmets Prevent Head Injury

How Helmets Prevent Head Injury


Helmet is one of the head-equipments that two wheeler drivers are supposed to wear while driving their motorcycles and scooters etc. Even traffic police has made it compulsory these days to wear helmet and else we are charged with a fine if we fail to abide by this rule. Actually the number of road accidents is increasing day by day and most of the people who die in a road accident are found without wearing a helmet on their head. Helmet is specially designed to safeguard your head against injury during such accidents and to save your life. The way in which a helmet saves your life can be explained as follows:-

How Helmets Prevent Head Injury

How do Helmets Prevent Head Injury

1. Save You from Losing Your Mental Balance:-

First of all, helmets save us from losing our mental balance during an accident. Human brain is a vital organ and even a slight damage to it because of an accident can make us lose our mental imbalance. It can even lead us to the state of coma. When we are wearing a helmet, it prevents us from meeting any kind of damage to brain because of hitting the ground and thus it also saves us from losing our mental balance as well.

2. Head Is a Vital Part of Body:-

Our head is the most vital part of the body and even our brain is placed inside the same head. Our brain contains most of its content in fluid form and when we meet an accident with our head striked against the road, the head burst off the same way as when we throw a watermelon on the road. Helmet on the other hand can save our head if it is made by ISI verified plastic, preventing us from any kind of injury that a road accident can make us experience.

3. Even a Fracture in Neck is bad:-

Even if the accident is not too much destructive, still you are at a risk of meeting a neck fracture and a neck fracture can make you suffocate and die within a span of just few minutes in some cases. In other cases you are likely to meet trouble in speaking or in moving your neck around. If you are wearing a helmet, your chances to meet a neck injury or fracture get reduced many times.

4. Keeps You Comforted:-

Besides this, a helmet is nothing but a round cover of tough plastic with thermocol fitted inside covered with a thick layer of foam to comfort your skin from inside. A helmet, thus keeps you comforted while driving and it rather also prevents the dust and dirt particles from entering your eyes while driving.”

5. The Hardness Factor:-

Most of the ISI approved helmets these days like the ones made by STUDDS company of Steelbird company are so tough that they prevent the impact of hitting even in major accidents and thus helmet is a name of ensuring one’s safety from one’s own side. Even if you meet damage in a road accident while wearing a helmet, the level of that injury is still treatable and tolerable than what it could result in if you had not bought a helmet in use.


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