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What Are The Health Benefits of Vitamin-C

What Are The Health Benefits Of Vitamin-C


Vitamin-C is also known by the name “Ascorbic Acid”. Even Christopher Columbus who is known as a person who discovered America got benefited with this vitamin as once when he moved along with his crew for a journey, and a severe disease of scurvy got a grab of them. Scurvy made most of his crew members die because of its effect, but you need not worry about this as when you take a proper amount of vitamin-C, scurvy can’t ever happen to you. This is one of the best health benefits of taking or consuming Vitamin-C but the health benefits do not end here as Vitamin-C is a hub of health benefits. Some other such benefits of Vitamin-C can be explained as follows:-

What Are The Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Health Benefits of Vitamin C

1. Treats Common Cold:-

Common cold can take place to anyone because of an unexpected seasonal change. If you are taking a significant amount of Vitamin-C in your diet, you can get treated very much easily against this health disorder and thus the one who suffers with common cold can add ascorbic acid rich fruits to his/her diet.

2. Lowers down Hypertension:-

Hypertension or problem of high blood pressure affects your heart really badly as the heart in such a situation has to pump blood really high. It has been noticed in a study that Vitamin-C has the power to lower down your blood pressure in such a case and to help it get back down to normal.

3. Helpful in the Treatment of Lead Toxicity:-

Lead toxicity is a situation in which a person mistakenly has inhaled a significant amount of lead in his body creating a toxic and a poisonous situation for him. In such a situation, even the doctors advise the patient to eat as much as ascorbic acid or Vitamin-C rich foods as he can as these can reduce the level of toxicity that lead has caused in your body.

4. One of the Best Cures for Cataracts:-

Cataract is an eye related disorder. One can eat Vitamin-C rich food items daily to get benefited against this disorder. Some people often report bus sickness when they sit in a public transport. It makes them vomit. Such people can consume ascorbic acid rich food items so as to get benefited against their ailment.

5. Treats Cancer and Stroke:-

People experiencing health problems like stroke can get benefited by taking Vitamin-C rich food items Most of the vitamin-C rich products are rather rich in anti carcinogenic properties as well. They prevent the action of free radicals and hence prevent you from falling a prey to cancer.

6. Maintains the Elasticity of Human Skin:-

One of my personal favorite benefits of Vitamin-C rich products is that it helps to maintain the elasticity of skin. Most of the Vitamin-C rich products act as best skin cleanser. You can use Vitamin-C containing fruit juices as a skin cleanser in order to treat skin issues like ageing, acne, dark spots, blemishes and other such skin issues. Most of such juices also prove helpful in diminishing the effect of stretch marks as well.


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