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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Oranges and Orange Juice

Health Benefits of Oranges


Oranges come under the category of citrus fruits that everybody likes to eat. Besides being juicy, this fruit provides a number of health benefits to all the people eating it, some of which have been put forward by us in this article which are as follows :-

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Oranges and Orange Juice

Health Benefits of Oranges

1. Helps You Be Immune Against Scurvy:-

You must have heard a story, once there was an explorer who was interested in discovering new places. He set on sail with a healthy crew and went on sailing for many days in the sea. Though he had abundance of food with him but almost all of his sailors and crew members died because of a
Disease “scurvy”. Scurvy is a disease that happens with the deficiency of vitamin-C and this vitamin is found in abundance in oranges.

2. Helps You Make Your Bones And Joints Strong:-

Eating oranges can help you make your bones and joints even more stronger in a way that it contains calcium content in abundance and this is the reason which makes it help you keep your joints strengthened and make your bones even healthier than before.

3. Reduce Your Risk of Several Other Diseases:-

Eating oranges can help you reduce your risk of developing stroke and helps you put a check over diabetes also. Eating oranges can help you prevent various kidney related diseases and may even help you prevent various viral infections and empower your vision also. Those who eat oranges never encounter the problem of blood pressure and eating oranges even keeps their heart healthy. The high potassium and low sodium content in oranges reduces your risk of heart attacks also, moreover, oranges are rich in potassium, vitamin-c, fibers etc that makes it an idle fruit to eat.

4. Repair Your Skin:-

People face many skin problems, including acne or skin damage, etc. even the peel of an orange is helpful as the face pack made of orange peel can help you repair your skin or even you can apply the juice directly on your skin to provide a repairing effect. Collagens get formed in your body when you eat oranges that provide a glow to your skin and provide a healing effect after repair. Eating oranges aren’t just enhancing your skin, but has the power to enhance your vision also. It has been found in a study that those who consume oranges have a better vision than the ones not doing so.

5. Prevent Cancer:-

Eating oranges can even help to make you immune against cancer. Oranges contain antioxidants and fiber that helps you be immune against various forms of cancers like colorectal cancer, etc. there are free radicals in the body, formation of which enhances cancer to the other parts of the body. Eating oranges keeps a control over these harmful free radicals and thus makes you immune against various forms of cancer. Not just various forms of cancer, but eating oranges can help you combat with the other health related problems like constipation or viral infections also.


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