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5 Health Benefits of Olive And Olive Oil

Health Benefits of Olive And Olive Oil


Olives contain fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin-E , iron and mono saturated fats that help you to stay healthy and fit besides keeping you away from diseases and increasing immunity.
Some of the health benefits of eating olives can be explained as follows:-

Health Benefits of Olive And Olive Oil

5 Health Benefits of Olive And Olive Oil

1. Enhance Your Skin Health:-

The fatty acids and antioxidants contained in olives help you make your skin healthy and reduces your cases of developing skin cancer. Olives reduce your risk against ultra violet rays and the other skin based problems like premature ageing and leaves you healthy with a glowing complexion. Not just the skin health, but eating olives can help you promote your cardiovascular health also as the antioxidants present in olives don’t let the cholesterol to be oxidized and hence prevent any sort of damage to the blood cells and formation of fats.

2. Reduce The Unhealthy Fats:-

The fats contained in olives are mono saturated and that helps in excluding the harmful unhealthy fats out of your body. Consuming olives on a regular basis can even put you ahead in loosing the extra fats and keeping your body in shape making your ABS be seen. Consuming olives can help you to a great extent in losing your extra weight as the mono saturated fats are the healthy fats that replace the saturated fats and help you in losing your weight. The fats get broken in fat cells and thus the individual gets rid of fats pre accumulating in the body of the individual.

3. Prevent Cancer And Allergies:-

Consuming olives on a daily basis can help you fight cancer as the oxidative cell damage and inflammation in cells because of the harmful agents gets minimized because of the anti oxidative and anti flammatory properties of olives thus providing you a way to fight in a better way against cancer.
Consuming olives proves helpful in blocking the H-receptors and reduce a cell’s histamine response as it gets over produced in allergies. Thus, consuming olives on a regular basis makes you immune against allergies also. Any sort of inflammation in the body can be treated with olives if taken on a regular basis.

4. Maintains Digestive Health:-

Eating olives can help you maintain your digestive health in a way that it keeps your digestive tract healthy and enhances the process of digestion by providing the essentials including VITAMIN-E along with mono saturated fats and lower down the rate of colon cancer. Eating olives can help you be immune against certain types of tumors and ulcers also.

5. Replenishes The Need Of Iron In Body:-

Deficiency of iron can cause anemia to an individual. But olives are rich in iron and thus should be consumed on a regular basis. The red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body of an individual when there is adequate presence of iron in the body, thus eating olives can benefit you for this purpose also.
Not just from anemia, but eating olives can help to save you from various eye problems also as it contains vitamin-A that if converted to the retinal form is essential for the eyes.


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