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10 Health Benefits of Nutmeg For Our Body

Health Benefits of Nutmeg


Nutmeg is a power packed kitchen spice. prepared from the nutmeg seed, which comes power packed with minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, magnesium, etc. and provides breath taking health benefits including the treatment of kidney infections, improvement of blood circulation, treatment of muscular pain and skin cleansing, pain relieving etc. some of which are explained by us in this article:-

Health Benefits of Nutmeg For Our Body

Health Benefits of Nutmeg For Our Body

1. Aids Sleep:-

Those who consume nutmeg in their diet are likely to have a better sleep while one bed. It has been proven in a study that the people who added nutmeg spice in their diet had a better sleep than the others not doing so.

2. Skin Cleanser:-

Nutmeg acts as a skin cleanser also. Those who consume nutmeg in their diet are likely to have a clearer skin tone than the others not doing so. Nutmeg seed powder can be used to treat acne as well as blemishes and proves to be beneficial in other skin problems also.

3. Brain Tonic:-

Consuming nutmeg in your diet can boost your mental level also. Those who consume nutmeg or nutmeg spice in their diet are said to take decisions, even smartly than the ones not doing so. Consuming nutmeg acts as a brain power stimulator.

4. Pain Reliever:-

Nutmeg is said to relieve you from muscular pain and pain in teeth. Arthritis ailments are also likely to get cured by consuming nutmeg in your diet. Nutmeg seeds are used as a constituent in various pain reliever products also.

5. Helps In Digestion:-

Nutmeg or nutmeg seed powder if consumed, can help to make your digestion normal and proper. Those who have digestion related problems should consume it in order to make their digestion regular and normal. Those who have irritable bowel syndrome should try nutmeg.

6. Relieves You From Anemia:-

Anemia is a disease that happens to anybody with lack of iron in his or her body. Nutmeg contains iron in abundance and thus eating nutmeg or nutmeg products is advised in order to replenish your need of iron and keep you immune against anemia.

7. Enhances Your Bones:-

The calcium content in nutmeg is enough to make your bones even stronger. Those who consume nutmeg are likely to stay away from any sort of joint pains and their bones and muscles are likely to get even stronger than the ones not doing so.

8. Makes You Immune Against Heart Attacks:-

Nutmeg is rich in potassium and low in sodium. This low sodium and high potassium diet is said to prevent heart attacks and heart related diseases. Thus to strengthen your heart against heart borne diseases and to prevent any case of heart attack, you should consume nutmeg.

9. Antifungal And Antioxidant:-

Nutmeg comes with anti fungal properties and antioxidant properties. The antioxidant present in nutmeg are enough to recover the harm done by excess of oxygen to your blood stream. Not just this but antioxidants are beneficial for your skin health also.

10. Prevents Oral Health Problems:-

Nutmeg powder has the power to cure all your dental and oral health problems. Just take some nutmeg powder and mix it in a spoon with mustard oil. Use it as a toothpaste formula and see the difference yourself. Nutmeg is proven to provide you oral and dental health benefits.


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