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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Hugs and Kisses

Health Benefits Of Hugs and Kisses


A hug is a way of describing human emotions where one puts his/her arms around the other person’s shoulders and holds them tightly while caressing and cuddling with them. Kissing on the other hand is also a way of describing human emotions of love by implanting a kiss while placing your lips on the other person’s cheeks, lips or any other part of the body. Both these serve to be an integral part of every good and healthy relationship and also serve to bring countless health benefits to both the partners. Some of these health benefits can be explained as follows:-

Health Benefits Of Hugs and Kisses

Health Benefits of Hugs and Kisses

1. Increases Love and Decreases Distance:-

Just like the fact that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, a kiss and hug a day increases love and keeps the distance at bay. If you wish to make your relation converted into a lifelong commitment of understanding and love, you should add hugs and kisses to your lovelife.

2. Improves Your State of Mind And Keeps You Happy:-

Besides this, kisses and hugs do improve your state of mind. There is a hormone called happy hormone which is secreted when you are in love. The satisfaction and happiness that you experience during this time results in the release of this hormone and helps you stay happier than before.

3. Release of Oxytoxin:-

Oxytocin or “happy hormone” is released when we kiss or hug our partner. According to a research report, it has been seen that there is something magical with the release of this hormone. It gets released in just 20 seconds and shows its effect for the rest of day. Oxytocin keeps you more active than your normal schedule and thus proves to be of great benefit to all humans.

4. Enhances the Endorphin Effect:-

Researches show that kisses and hugs also show endorphin effect with the concerned person. In this effect, endorphins are released in human body, which is responsible for reduction of pain. They act as a kind of drug or a tranquilizer and help us to get relieved against pain. It is thus better to add kisses and hugs in one’s schedule to bring about the activation of endorphin effect in an individual.

5. Improves Your Sexual Life:-

It has also been noticed time and again that when you hug or kiss your partner, it brings about a desired improvement in your sex life. You feel more attracted to your partner and you both keep on getting closer with each day. The attraction ultimately makes you both establish an inexplicable relationship and even your physical interaction with each other gets improved.

6. Improves the Heart Health As Well:-

By hugging or kissing your partner, you can also bring about a desired improvement in your heart health as well. Researches show that the heart of a loved/hugged/kissed person stays much more normal than the others. Kissing and hugging rather act as a tranquilizer. They can make you get rid of any evil inside your soul with just a feel.


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