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What are The Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

How Curry Leaves Improve Health


Curry leaves or sweet neem leaves serve to be an ideal ingredient of your kitchen. These leaves are obtained from a tropical/sub tropical tree native to India and Sri Lanka. We know that neem tree is rich in skin curing and medicinal properties and so is curry tree as it is a plant of the same family. These leaves are often added while making curry and this is why the name “curry leaf” has been given to it. Though these are not bitter in taste like the normal neem, but still they are rich in multiple health benefits for man and mankind. Some of the health benefits of curry leaves can be explained as follows:-

What are The Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

1. An Ideal Source of Iron and Folic Acid:-

First of all, let me tell you that curry leaves are rich in an amount of folic acid which is essential for the human body in certain ways. Iron is also an essential ingredient for human body. Deficiency of iron can cause anemia to an individual. It is advised that you consume curry leaves while adding them to your curry to fulfill your body needs of iron and folic acid.

2. Fortifies Your Liver:-

Liver is an organ that humans can’t survive without. If someone is habitual of drinking alcohol, he or she is sure to have a damaged liver. This damage caused by drinking to human liver can be best coped up adding curry leaves to your food items.

3. Good for Patients of Diabetes:-

Patients of diabetes lead really a miserable life where they have to compromise on each and every food item. Such people get benefited if they have curry with curry leaves added in it. Actually, curry leaves stimulate the production and response of insulin in human body which proved to be good for such patients.

4. Aids Digestion:-

Curry leaves are carminative in nature. Carminative nature is better for enhancing the process of digestion in human body. By taking curry leaves through your diet, you are actually thus fortifying your digestive system and when digestion becomes better, you get relieved against several ailments together.

5. Helpful against Heart Diseases:-

The people who experience heart weakness and other such heart related disorders get good news here. In a study, it has been found that curry leaves are beneficial for your heart and they keep heart diseases at a bay. One can thus add curry leaves to his food items in order to treat heart against heart disorders.

6. Helpful in the Treatment of Chemotherapy Side-Effects:-

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy often result in some side-effects which include the damage to chromosomes, damage to bone marrow and production of free radicals which prove to bring about the spread of cancer cells. Curry leaves act as a kind of controller for all these problems and also help in treating side effects of both these processes.

7. Helpful against Skin Infections and Enhances Hair Growth:-

Those who are looking for some special solution for their hair and skin problems get good news here. Curry leaves have been found beneficial against skin infections. You can juice them up to apply on a particular area with skin infection on it. If you wish to enhance growth of your hair, the same juice can be again applied on hair to make them thicker, longer and stronger.


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