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Health Benefits of Chana Dal

Health Benefits of Chana Dal


Chana dal is one of the kitchen ingredients that we bring in use with various dishes. Chana dal is high in content of fiber and it also helps to lower down the cholesterol level. Chana dal is basically a kind of gram species which is divided into two parts to make it converted to dal. This kind of dal has a great range of taste and it also has a low glycemic index.  This kind of dal is great for the patients of diabetes.  These are a great source of zinc, folate, Calcium and Protein etc. Chana dal is a split and husked relative of chickpeas. Some of the health benefits of chana dal can be explained as follows:-

Health Benefits of Chana Dal

Health Benefits of Chana Dal

1. High Content of Fiber:-

Chana dal has a rich content of fiber in it. This content of fiber enhances digestive health and digestive system. People experiencing problems with metabolism can also add it to their diet and besides this; the people who experience problems like constipation can also add it to their diet.

2. Great for Hospitalized Patients:-

Chana dal is best essential for the hospitalized patients. It has a healthy content of calcium, zinc, folate etc. which is essential for accidental patients, patients of poisoning, food poisoning and other such ailments.

3. Great for You If You Are Suffering From Diabetes:-

The glycemic index of chana dal is low and thus it can help an individual to stay away from the health disorders like diabetes as well. Besides this, there is low content of cholesterol in chana dal and thus those who experience a weakness of their heart can also add it to their diet.

4. Abundance of Calcium:-

There is an abundance of Calcium content in chana dal and thus it can be bought in use by those people who experience joint pain or other such bone and joint related problems. In case you have experienced an accidental bone damage or fracture, you can add chana dal to your diet as it will fortify your bones. This content of calcium also helps in increasing height and thus the children with a prevented body growth can also add chana dal to their diet.

5. Rich in the Content of Zinc, Folate and Proteins:-

I told you earlier as well that chana dal is rich in the content of zinc, folate and proteins. People take special supplements of such food essentials in order to make themselves immune against multiple health disorders that generate because of lack of these components and thus by adding chana dal to your diet, you actually provide yourself a free health supplement to cope up with such deficiency.

6. Low in the Content of Fats:-

Chana dal is low in content of fats. Fats accumulate in your body and get piled up to obese. By consuming chana dal, we actually reduce the amount of intake of fats and thus prevent them from getting piled up in the body. The previously consumed fats thus get enough time to be burnt and we become back to a slim and trim body look once again. Besides this, fats act as an impediment in your male sexual and hormonal health as well. By taking chana dal, you can enhance the health level of your hormones as well.


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