Health Hazards of Using Mobile Phone

Health Hazards of Using Mobile Phone


Mobile Phone is a device or gadget that can be bought in use to contact someone by calling him. These mobile handsets operate on electricity and a chip called SIM card that operates on a particular network. This gadget is linked with multiple health hazards and issues that make it dangerous for human use. A mobile phone is linked with multiple health hazards such as cancer, loss of hearing ability, injuries because of battery blasts and much more. Some of these health hazards can be enlisted as follows:-

Health Hazards of Using Mobile Phone

Health Hazards of Using Mobile Phone

1. Exposure to the Radio Frequency Fields:-

Mobile phones and their network towers emit radio frequency fields which are dangerous for human health. Most of us sleep with our mobile handsets kept on charging mode by a plug near our sleeping side. This can create havoc by exposing ourselves to these radio waves for the entire night.

2. Battery blasts:-

Most of the local and china made handsets are reported to have met blasts when they were continually put on charging. Charging charges the phone, but over-charging makes it meet a blast. If you do not believe in what I am saying, just write “Mobile Blast” as a keyword on Google and watch the results yourself.

3. Loss of Hearing Ability:-

Most of the youth can be seen traveling with earphones in their ears. This makes them 100% prone to loss of hearing ability and also results in road accidents that occur to you when you are not able to hear horn of a vehicle coming towards you from the backside. Bad or low quality earphones can cause problem with your ears sometimes which results in a kind of pain in your ears as well.

4. Make You 100% Prone To Road Accidents:-

When someone is driving a car while moving the steering wheel with one of his/her hands and using the phone with tilted head, grabbing it with the other hand, he/she is hundred percent more likely to experience accidents because of lack of carefulness. This can happen to you even while riding a bike, scooty or even any other kind of vehicle.

5. Causes Cancer and Changes with Brain Activity:-

Besides this, the use of mobile phones has also been linked with cancer and other such diseases. The radiations emitted by your mobile are carcinogenic and thus it should not be bought in use at all. Besides this, the use of mobile phones can also bring about a negative change with the brain activity and thus you should control your use of mobile phones.

6. Creating Problems with Eye Sight:-

Often we keep lights switched off at night, but we still keep on using our mobile phones. In such a time, our eyesight is concentrated on mobile screen, but there is darkness all around. This creates a negative kind of effect on our eyesight and it can create loss of vision for you if you are using mobile for a prolonged period of time. Besides this, some mobile applications can make us addicted to them and this addiction is equally dangerous as any other kind of addiction like drugs or alcohol.


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