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How to Have Swag and Style for Girls and Guys

Swag and Style for Girls and Guys


I was attending my child a few days back when he came with his report card to get it signed and said,” Papa sign the report card else the teacher will beat me. I took the report card with eagerness to know my child’s marks and as he handled me the report card and I looked at it to know my child’s grades, it read “C” grade. I was worried about his career and asked him if you are getting this much low grades in seventh class, what will happen to you when you get old?

The child just smiled and replied, dad just chill! I have got swag. It is not the case just with my child only, but these days you will hear every third teenager chanting this word, well swag means a word that you use to represent yourself. If you ask boys to define it, they will perhaps say they need swag to attract girls and you may have it following the tips that we have prepared after taking reviews from people about it.

How to Have Swag and Style for Girls and Guys

How to Have Swag and Style for Girls and Guys

1. Have A Funky Hat With That Defines Your Facial Beauty:-

Swag means to look presentable, bold and cool and in case you need to have swag definition suiting to your case, you may choose to work out on your facial looks first of all. This means everything regarding your front and facial look. Choose some good cap or hat that defines your looks and try wearing it in style.

2. Get Clad in the Best of Brands:-

Go branded to get clad in quality material and define your outfit this way. Try folding the one half of your jeans and get the upper buttons of your shirt be open. Swag is something that your looks define after suiting your attitude redefined. When you are clad in the best brands, the body itself is clad with confidence as well.

3. Have Shoes That Are Seen From Distance:-

Try the funky trend of shoes instead of going for the office wear. Try denim fabric based shoes or the cloth fabric shoes. Go laced and define your looks this way. The style should have itself, its definition and then you can really say that you have got swag.

4. Dance to the Beat carelessly:-

I asked my neighbor what swag means to her. Well her answer was equally mesmerizing and she said,” when I am clad in the best of my outfits and I dance to the beat of music carelessly, it means I have got swag. Same and likewise were the answers given by others of her classmates as well.

5. Be Pretty and Look Presentable:-

Besides looking presentable, girls should look pretty and never forget to have the accessories put on. Have the eye gear, the wrist gear and other such accessories that make you look somewhat gadget friendly and modern. You should carry your own music source and just plug it on to start dancing anytime. Have swag and change your life this way.


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