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6 Way to Have an Affair without Getting Caught

Affair without Getting Caught


People like to have affairs either when the partner is not cooperating or when they are fed up of their partner. Some people who are not married, even choose to go for affairs as their relationship can’t be called a husband, wife relationship and is still an affair only. If you wish to be in an affair with someone, but fear what the world will say, there will always be an issue in your mind that will prevent you from having an affair. Well get a life and go for the tips we are mentioning here to have an affair and that too without giving any clue to others about it and saving yourselves from getting caught by them as well.

6 Best Way to Have an Affair without Getting Caught

How to Have an Affair without Getting Caught

1. Your Mobile, Messages and Emails:-

The first and foremost cause that people catch you having an affair is an easy accessibility to the gadgets you use. You should preferably have an application lock installed in your gadget and you should keep on deleting all the stuff like your private mails, your messages and the mobile call log as well.

2. The People Whom You Stay In Touch With:-

The people who stay in touch with you can also create a problem sometimes when they see you out there with someone in a restaurant and it is a universal truth that it takes no time for a rumor to spread, this proves to be a reason for you to be caught as well.

3. Do Not Let The Food Bills Make You Enter A Trouble:-

I went to a hotel five times with my girlfriend past month and I had kept all those bills that I paid for us both in my wallet so as to have an idea how much expenses I am making on my girlfriend and just then I came in trouble when my mother took off the clothes out from my room without telling me to wash them off and accidentally found the bills while looking for a change of hundred rupees in my wallet. I was caught and that made me embarrassed. Take care of these things to stay safe while having an affair.

4. The Sings of Lipstick or the Scratches on Your Neck or Chest:-

Sometimes even the mark of lipstick or scratches on your neck of chest or shoulders can prove to make your family members doubtful if you are in affair with someone and thus a great care needs to be taken regarding these as well. If you call your partner home when the parents are out, never forget to double check if she forgets something at your home as even a handkerchief can make you get caught.

5. Manage the Bank Passbook Records:-

The bank passbooks can also put you in trouble sometimes. My friend had got a new ATM card issued from state bank few days back. His wife knew his mobile bill never gets beyond a few bucks, but when she went to the bank to get the records entered in the passbook, she was shocked as her husband had done a shopping of more than thousands of rupees and none of the stuff had been carried to home by him. He had made countless recharges and still he was saying there is no mo0bile balance left with him. This bought out the hidden detective in his wife and he was caught red handed having an affair with a girl much lower than him in age. Avoid such hazards to safeguard yourself getting caught having an affair.

6. Never Let the Waiter Recognize you:-

It happened with me once when used to have an affair that I had fixed the same hotel for every time I used to get hooked up with some girl. The waiter started keeping g a watch over me and started blackmailing afterwards. This can happen with you as well and thus you are advised to keep on changing the venue and never get too close with the waiter as well.


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