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How to be Happy Without Friends or Love

How to Be Happy Without Friends


“Friends come with benefits”, they say. It is also said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. There can be many such quotes that one can pick up from the internet in order to fortify the need for friendship and advantages of having friends, but if you make a mistake while making a choice to choose friends, the same can ruin your life as well. The one who is ditched by his/her own friends and friend circle will always stay sad and his hope and belief in friendship will also get ended like anything. In order to live happily in such a time without making any friend, you can take the help of following tips:-

How to be Happy Without Friends or Love

How to be Happy Without Friends or Love

1. Learn To live alone:-

Tell yourself that no-one can befool you and to transform yourself in the same manner, you will need to adopt all the ways which can make you be able to live alone. Have a television, computer or laptop places inside your room and keep watching movies or playing games while staying inside. I am not saying you to completely abandon outdoor activities, but I am just asking you to stay inside the maximum time.

2. Meditate when you feel alone:-

There is a time when you feel alone even when you are sitting in front of a television or laptop. In such a time you can meditate while focusing on a single feeling that makes you happy while avoiding all the distractions that you face while doing this. Meditation will soon make you forget all the emotions that you earlier had in your mind.

3. Make Friends with Hobbies:-

Adopt some hobbies and make them your friends. For example, you can start watching YouTube videos in order to learn dance or cooking new recipes or you can join classes for knitting, weaving or art and crafts or even martial arts. Learning art of self defense is simply the best way to prepare yourself for your enemies without making any physical friend at all.

4. Start Traveling:-

Traveling can be your best friend when you wish to have no human friend at all. Start visiting new places and enjoy the beauty of such places while enjoying your days in the lap of nature. Go for mountaineering, river rafting, canoeing etc. and all other forms of adventure sports to relieve your mood.

5. Go Out For Movies:-

Go out for movies with your family on an occasional basis. You need friends for enjoyment, but when you find friends in your own relatives or parents, you never need to make friendship in separate with people. Besides this, it also makes your family relations healthy and helps you stay close with your family members.

6. Join Some Workplace or Institution:-

You can join some coaching centre or other such institution in order to prepare for government recruitment exams in order to secure your future while making no friendship. This enriches your knowledge on a particular topic even if you are not able to clear the exam and thus proves to help you in a positive way.


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