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How Does Happiness Affect Childhood Adjustment

How Does Happiness Affects Childhood Adjustment


We observed a few children in their lives and found really shocking facts about their lives. The part of their lives, what we call as the adjustment or compromises that they made was also based on the fact how they were kept by their guardians and the ones who had got their lives full of happiness were seen to be even more adjusting than the others. In order to make you understand how the part of happiness affects a child’s part of adjustment, let us make you experience some aspects of these children’s lives.

How Does Happiness Affect Childhood Adjustment

How Does Happiness Affect Childhood Adjustment

1. Pardeep And Pooja, Children of a School Teacher:-

According to Pardeep and Pooja who are siblings studying in Siksha Bharti Public School, Gurgaon, and their mother is a teacher while their father is a corporate sector entrepreneur. The father hardly gets time to meet the children, but it is the mother who makes all sorts of adjustments and keeps a check of all what the children need. She also keeps on reminding the father when the children need to be guided and to spend time with them. This makes both the children stay happy and thus even they understand their parents and respect their work as well as feelings for them.

2. Nitin, Children of Policemen:-

Nitin, on the other hand being children of policeman faces the similar but somewhat different situation. His father is a policeman posted in some other state, but he feels proud that his father is a government employee and boasts that he needs to care about nothing as his father is going to spare a lot of wealth for him. He pretends that he is happy, but actually he is hollow from inside as he always stays sad as he is not able to meet his father. This clearly proves that you become a personality the way your parents bring you up. Had Nitin been bought up in a happy environment, even he would have understood the ups and downs of life.

3. Jyoti And Deepika, Daughters of A Businessman:-

Jyoti and Deepika being the daughters of a businessman say that though their parents are amongst the top most contemporary businessman’s but still they can’t forget that there used to be a time when they did not have even sufficient money to buy bread, two times a day and thus they can’t forget what they were and what they have become. They also make a remark that they always wish to stay respective to their parents as it was them who bought them up and that too in such adverse conditions. This clearly gives us a clue that they have gone through lots of adjustments in their childhood, but due to the fact that they all stayed together happily with each other even in their bad time, they reached new heights.

4. The Derived Conclusion:-

Not just these children only but we talked with many other such children and this made us derive only one conclusion that it is the way how one is bought up that takes out a perfect individual from him. If someone has bought up in a positive environment full of happiness and no hate for each other, even the children become adjustive but in case this time is full of hatred, even the children become complaining and this stays the same for rest of the life as well.


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