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5 Reasons Why Hanging Is Done Before Sunrise

Why Hanging Is Done Before Sunrise


Hanging refers to the death penalty condition in which a criminal or a person though to be a criminal is hung by the means of a rope till he or she dies. This is basically the worst form of penalty given to someone and it is not given till the crime one has committed is beyond forgiveness. Now a thing of notice is that this procedure for hanging is done before sunrise and people give many logics about it. If you also feel doubtful regarding the same question that why is this hanging made before sunrise, the information that we have bought for you is sure to give you an answer.

Why Hanging Is Done Before Sunrise

Why Hanging Is Done Before Sunrise

1. The First Reason Being It To Be The Start of A New Day:-

The first and foremost reason for hanging to be done before sunrise is that sunrise means the start of a new day and as before the sun has risen, it is believed to be the previous day to be ending, the worseness and badness prevailing in society is supposed to end by the dawn of the previous day awaiting a new morning and thus in a hope for a better tomorrow, hanging is done generally before sunrise so that all evils may be finished in time and there may not be any such incidences in the awaited time.

2. It Is The Time When The Other Prison Convicts And Criminals Are Sleeping:-

Another reason for all the hangings to take place before sunrise is that generally the other convicts and criminals imprisoned are sleeping at this time and thus there is no chance for them to get a clue about it or any rebellion from their side to take place.

3. This Is In Tradition And Thus Has Been Accepted But There Is No Hard And Fast Rule About It:-

We get many evidences from the history of world that depict this schedule of hanging to be customary even within the medieval, medial and post modern era as well. The tradition was thus passed on by the forefathers to ancestors and thus it became a custom but there is no hard and fast rule about it and neither is there any fixed time for it.

4. We Get Evidences about It from Past As Well:-

We get the evidences about this schedule for hanging to be made from the past as well. Even the time when Britishers used to rule India, The freedom fighters that were enclosed in the British jails to be hung till death were also hung during night or before sunrise so that people may not get any clue about it and even the jail staff may get much time to make arrangements for the same.

5. Perhaps the Day Has Got Some Other Works to be finished:-

During the day even the jail authorities have got much work to be busy with and thus night is the perfect time to go for such additional practices. As I told you that there is no hard and fast rule about it, the time can even be scheduled or changed according to the requirements of the jail staff or according to the need of hour.