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Why Our Hand And Feet Fall Asleep

Why Our Hand And Feet Fall Asleep


When we keep lying or sitting in a single position for a long span of time, it has been noticed that our legs and hands fall asleep. There is a strange kind of current moving in both these parts of the body during this stage and it is one of the bothersome symptoms that though gets healed within a span of few minutes but still makes us troubled with it. Sleeping of hands and legs is also called tingling. Suppose you are lying with your hand crooked under your head, there will come a time when you will experience this situation and it can occur with both, your hands as well as legs. Many reasons can be given as a reason to why this happens with us and some of those reasons can be described as follows:-

Why Our Hand And Feet Fall Asleep

Why Our Hand And Feet Fall Asleep

1. Results from Pressure on Nerves:-

There is no disease-proven reason for our hands and legs to fall asleep, but most of the researchers and science related persons agree on the same fact that it results from the pressure that gets created on human nerves when an individual keeps on lying or sitting in a particular position for a single time.

2. It Is Majorly Painless But Pinches Like Pins And Needles:-

Most of the times, this phenomenon is painless and thus you never need to worry about it as it gets automatically relieved when pressure from that particular part of your body gets removed but it is obvious to pinch you like pins and needles. This pain is bearable and best way to cure such pain is to relax your legs and hands and to put no pressure on them.

3. Do Not Worry Till It Is Normal:-

You never need to worry if your hand or leg is sleeping till it is normal or till you know why it resulted to you. Suppose if you were lying on your bed with your hand under your head as there was no pillow available that time. This is supposed to create pressure on nerves and thus you are likely to experience that your hand falls asleep after a particular point of time. The hand will get back to normal once again if you remove it from the downside of your head and thus you should not worry about it, but if the same pinching like feeling persists, you should immediately go and meet a specialist.

4. Meet a Neuropathic Specialist If It Takes Chronic Form:-

If this painless but pinching feel persists with your hands or legs, you should immediately fix an appointment for yourself with a neuropathy specialist. This problem in chronic stage often gets difficult to be treated yourself and thus to meet a neuropathic specialist is always a better idea.

5. Mostly Occurs to the Patients of Diabetes:-

If you are suffering from diabetes, it is but obvious that your nerves are likely to be weak and it is again but obvious that your hand and legs are also likely to fall asleep the most of times. You should adopt a schedule of exercises, a proper dosage of your medicines and you should stay in a regular touch with your doctor to avoid such situation from getting worse.

6. Even Because of Nerve Damage:-

Now, as this case is related with nerves, you are likely to experience this problem also because of any kind of damage to your nerves as well.  Normally our limbs fall asleep because of compression or pressure, but excessive vibration can also lead to paresthesia. If there is any kind of damage that has taken place to your nerves, you are still likely to experience this problem.


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