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Hairy Cell Leukemia Treatment and Symptoms

Hairy Cell Leukemia Treatment


Hairy Cell Leukemia is caused because of the growth of B cells that are not normal. The leukemia of this type got this name as the cells of this type of leukemia are hairy or having fine projections extending from the surface when looked under the microscope. Hairy cell leukemia may cause an individual to have a low number of normal blood cells and thus become a vigorous form of disease.

Hairy Cell Leukemia Treatment and Symptoms

Hairy Cell Leukemia Treatment and Symptoms

The cause of hairy cell leukemia is still not known but certain type of genetic changes in any individual may be a causing factor of hairy cell leukemia. Men are more affected with hairy cell leukemia than the women.

Symptoms of Hairy Cell Leukemia:-

the symptoms of hairy cell leukemia may be associated with a bruising or bleeding or excessive sweating to occur in the individual especially at nights and the person may even be related with a feeling of fatigue or a feeling that you should eat less may take place with the person.
The fevers and infections may occur again and again or there may be a pain or fullness in the upper part of the belly of that individual. The lymph nodes of the person may get swelled or there may be weekness or weight loss associated with the person.

Hairy Cell Leukemia Treatment:-

the treatment may not be an option for the disease at the early stages but some of the individual suffering from this disease may need blood to be replaced time to time. Treatment may be needed for the patients with a low blood count and in some of the cases approaches like chemotherapy may be practiced.

Chemotherapy may prove to be the approach to relieve the individual form the symptoms for much of time. Removing up or eliminating the spleen might prove to be improving the blood count in that specific person but is not likely to cure the disease up.

Antibiotics may even prove beneficial to the patient to treat infections. No way to prevent hairy cell leukemia has been discovered till the date but researches are still going on to look for the preventive measures to this disease.
The diagnosis approaches may involve a physical exam to be conducted and during it, the doctor may even feel a swollen spleen or liver. An abdominal or ct scan or ultrasound may be practiced to evaluate the swelling of this type.
Blood tests and the biopsy of the bone marrow may prove to be helpful in the diagnosis of this type of leukemia.


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