How to do Hair Wash with Beer

How to Wash Hair with Beer


A friend had told me a few days back that washing hair with beer makes them strong, thick and longer. These all are the traits of good hair and as perhaps all women like to have thick, long and shiny hair, this one is the best approach for all such ladies. Simply have some beer purchased from the wine shop and get your hair treated with it, the hair would get presentable for any party that you like to join. In order to wash your hair with beer, these tips would prove helpful to you:-

How to do Hair Wash with Beer

How to do Hair Wash with Beer

1. Make the Hair Wet:-

In order to wash your hair with beer, first of all you will need to make your hair wet. Simply set the apparatus near to the wash basin or get under the shower with your hair separated and kept open. Let the hair get wet with water being showered upon them for some time.

2. Shampoo them properly:-

Now, after the hair has been showered with water for a while, you simply need to shampoo them after that. Simply squeeze some amount of shampoo on your palm and then apply it with the help of your hands on your hair. Now, after the shampoo gets applied properly, let it be left as it is for two minutes.

3. Rinse the Hair Afterwards:-

After the shampoo has been applied and the lather gets formed, the foam needs to be rinsed off with water. The shampoo will get washed away and the hair would be soft and silky. Now what you are to do is to just check if shampoo is left with any part and then rinse off again with water.

4. Pour the Beer Mixture on Your Hair:-

After the shampoo gets rinsed off in a better way, the beer mixture needs to be poured up from the top. Let all the hair come in contact with it and it is better if you keep on brushing while pouring the beer mixture. The smell of beer might seem irritating first, but then you would get accustomed to it.

5. Rinse with Luke Warm Water:-

After the beer has been poured up and gets applied properly to your hair, have some water be poured on your head and remember that it should be Luke warm in nature and not boiled at all. Simply keep the temperature mild. Rinse all the hair with this Luke warm water to get rid of the beer from your hair.

6. Do This on Regular Intervals:-

After your hairs have been done with beer and Luke warm water, you will find that they have become thick, shining and soft and silky. This means a perfect kind of hair and if you do this at regular intervals, say once every three weeks, the hair shine would get maintained for always.


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