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6 Ways to do Hair Spa at Home with Homemade Products

How to do Hair Spa at Home


Hair spa treatment refers to the hair treatment that involves the approaches that prove to provide the essential minerals to your hair along with the medicinal benefits that prove to strengthen your hair. Hair spa can prove to be a bit costly for you if you try to get it done professionally by going to some beauty salon and you can this choose to do it at home as it is easy to be done applying some simple home based approaches that we are mentioning here in this article.

6 Ways to do Hair Spa at Home with Homemade Products

Hair Spa at Home with Homemade Products

1. Firstly massage your hair:-

In order to do hair spa at home, you are first of all advised to massage your hair, preferably with olive oil and leave it for 15 minutes. This will make your hair get nourished and make them ready for the further approaches as well. You are advised to massage your hair in such a way that the oil gets applied from tip to the root.

2. Take some steam with towel on your head:-

Now cover up your head with your towel and then take some hot water steam. Simply boil up some water, place it in a bucket and suit on a chair besides it covering up your head with your towel and taking the steam this way. The steam will act as a hair spa for you.

3. Shampoo treatment:-

After you have applied enough steam to your hair, you can choose to go for the shampoo treatment afterwards. Simply lie down comfortably with your hair in the wash basin after applying some anti dandruff daily usage shampoo for two minutes and then rinse the hair with water. This will fortify your hair against dandruff and scalp related debris as well.

4. Application of egg yolk (Optional):-

You can even choose to go for the application of egg yolk before the shampoo treatment as well. Simply break 2-3 eggs and take the yolk out of them in a glass. Mix it up well with a spoon and then apply the yolk on your hair and leave it for about one hour. Afterwards you may choose to rinse up your hair with water.

5. Application of Banana or Avocado juice (Optional):-

You may even choose to go for the application of banana paste or avocado juice or some apple cider vinegar on your hair so as to make them get strengthened and treat the head against scalp problems. The application of these juices can really make you get relieved against the head and scalp related problems as well as hair related problems.

6. Application of Coconut Cream or Milk and honey (Optional):-

Coconut cream or a mixture of milk and honey can also be applied on your hair so as to fortify your hair against hair problems while doing hair spa at home. Apply almost all of the approaches that are easily available at home and thus afterwards rinse your hair. Apply some hair based oil like coconut oil afterwards, when the hair get dried out so as to nourish them.


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