How to Make Your Hair Look Good When Dirty

How to Make Your Hair Look Good When Dirty


Sometimes we find our hair really messed up with daily disturbances that our hair gets exposed to. Camouflage dirty hair is something worse that one can have and when you have messed up hair, you feel really troubled. Meanwhile, if you have to reach somewhere or if some guest accidentally arrives your house, you feel really embarrassed because of your present condition, but you can save yourself from such embarrassment if you know exactly how to make your hair feel good when dirty. If your hair is really messed up and you wish to make them look good in the same condition, following are the tips which can be bought into use:-

How to Make Your Hair Look Good When Dirty

How to Make Your Hair Look Good When Dirty

1. Make Braids Out of Your Hair:-

The best way to deal with messed up hair is to turn them into braids. A simple braid or two is simply the best way to camouflage dirty hair. You look really gorgeous when you turn your hair in the form of braids. Turn your hair into pony tails if you can’t make braids with them.

2. Give Your Hair a Blow with Hair Dryer:-

Just switch on your hair dryer and give a blow to your hair in such a way that most of the dirt and other such agents get removed from them. Now you can bind your hair the way you wish with the help of a hair clip or even a rubber band. Beware not to stuff up the most of your hair within a single rubber band or clip and instead you can give them several partitions for added comfort and to avoid breakage of your hair.

3. Use Hair Brush on Your Hair:-

Using a comb on dirty hair can make the most of them get broken. No-one wishes to go through the pain that hair struck within bristles of comb can make you experience and thus it is always advised to use a hair brush with thick bristles when your hair are dirty and messed up.

4. Bind Them Up With a Rubber Band:-

Take a rubber band or an elastic band and bind your hair with the help of it. You can divide your hair into several sections while doing this or you can even use a hair band with your messed up hair.  Hair bands are available in many varieties over make-up and cosmetic stores. You can purchase the one meets your needs. You can even find hair band made up of elastic cloth fabric instead of plastic material and thus you can choose any type of hair band meeting your needs.

5. Condition And Shampoo Them If You Have Some Time:-

If you have enough time available with yourself, just go for the application of shampoo on your hair and then clean them properly generating foam or lather while keeping the shampoo applied for a several minutes. Rinse your hair with water afterwards and make them conditioned with the help of a conditioner. You can arrange your hair any way you like afterwards.


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