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How to Hack Wi-Fi Password for Android

How to Hack Wi-Fi Password for Android


With these days where the android devices have come handy with every user and the craze for multimedia gadgets becoming so common, people have gone crazy for smart phones, but with increasing demand for smart phones, there increases an increasing demand for separate data plan enabled within every gadget which cannot come to be possible in most of the cases and in case there is a Wi-Fi router fixed in your surroundings, you can easily use data free of cost making a connection with it. Now in case the user has put a password over the Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to do that and in such cases there comes a need to hack the password that can be done in following ways.

How to Hack Wi-Fi Password for Android

How to Hack Wi-Fi Password for Android

1. Try Making a Connection:-

In some of the cases we have observed that there is no password that the user has employed with his Wi-Fi, but the signal strength is so weak that even after you try making a connection, it shows no data connection made. In such cases, the data can be switched to some other user.

2. Download a Hack Tool:-

If you go to the search field provided in the play store of your android device and write Wi-Fi hack tool in it, there will be a number of Wi-Fi hack tools displayed on it from which you need to make a choice. Do not download the ones with bad customer reviews and instead go for the one that has got maximum stars.

3. After the Download has been made:-

Now, after the download has been made, you will be required to get the application installed and then make it run by opening it with your device. Now what you need to do is just to follow the instructions that it is provided and make the necessary changes within your handset for the same.

4. The Purpose of Android Wi-Fi Hack Applications:-

The android Wi-Fi hackers have been designed in such a way that they are enabled to break the Wi-Fi password of any public Wi-Fi network. It gives you a new password for each network that you try to break password of and entering this new password, you get able to browse the data of that public network.

5. Data using With an Open Network:-

In case you have kept your Wi-Fi open and it shows some other open network, which is an open kind of network, you won’t need any password for this network and not even a Wi-Fi hack tool for breaking it as well. In case all the available networks are password protected try hack tool and that too the one which is not fake judging the same with customer reviews.


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