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How to Guess Someones Wi-Fi Password

How to Guess Wi-Fi Password


A Wi-Fi is a device that enables you to use data even while you have got your SIM card switched off provided your device supports Wi-Fi hotspot service. The arrival of Wi-Fi enabled devices bought about a kind of revolution in the history of mobiles as well as other computing and multimedia devices. It can either be having an open network which does not requires any sort of password but in some of the cases where you try to access any foreign Wi-Fi device, this may lead you to a failure as well. In case you wish to guess a Wi-Fi password, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Guess Someones Wi-Fi Password

           How to Guess Someones Wi-Fi Password

1. For the Open Networks:-

First of all, look for which kind of Wi-Fi connection has been found and then go for trying making connection with it. Sometimes the Wi-Fi shows an available network even if there is no data switched on, or if the device is password protected as well. If the device shows open network, it means there is no password needed and you can use the data from another device without any sort of obstacle in between.

2. For the Password Protected Networks:-

Now in case you have encountered some password protected network, you can have an access to its data making use of the password and only if you know the password, you will be able to connect the data from that device to some other device. In order to use this data, you will need to make guesses of the password and if any of the guesses fits right, the data connection will be made.

3. Try Entering the User’s Mobile Number as Password:-

In some of the cases it has been found that the user keeps its password on the base of initial or some other digits from his or her mobile number or from some other member of the family and thus the associated contacts can be bought in use for making a guess of the password.

4. The Simpler Password Combinations:-

Most of the users try having simpler passwords for their Wi-Fi devices that include the ones like 1234 or 0000 etc. In case you still are not able to make a perfect guess, the Wi-Fi hacking tools that are available within various websites may prove to be helpful for you.

5. Try Using the Concerned Person’s Date of Birth as A Password:-

In a survey conducted on passwords, It was noticed that a large number of password creators prefer to keep their password on the date of birth of the associated members of their family or friends and thus it can also be bought in use for making guesses about a certain person’s password.

6. Use Frequently Chosen Password Combinations:-

In case all the above mentioned approaches fail, you may also choose to go for trying out the frequently chosen password combinations by the user if he or she is from your knowledge or circle or you may simply reach him and ask him to open the privacy of his or her Wi-Fi so that you may be able to use it.


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