GTA San Andreas PC Cheats Skip Mission

How to Skip Mission in GTA San Andreas


GTA San Andreas is a game that most of teenagers and adults like to play these days. Though the initial missions in this game are too easy, but some missions are so time consuming or mind puzzling that the player wishes to skip such missions. In order to skip such missions in GTA vice city, there is no direct link or procedure provided with the game, but still some people argue upon the fact that they have cheated in the game and that they have broke the record of maximum score by skipping the game levels. Let us discuss how all this can happen.

GTA San Andreas PC Cheats Skip Mission

GTA San Andreas PC Cheats Skip Mission

1. Back Up the Original Main. Scm File:-

The original main.scm file needs to be backed up first of all. This file needs to be replaced now using the mission passers tool which is available online over the internet. You can find this file in the dedicated GTA vice city game folder.

2. Use online cheat tools:-

Though there is no declared and proven way of skipping missions in GTA vice city, but still there are many such websites which offer cheat codes and cheat tools in this game. All you need to do for this purpose is to write GTA vice city cheat tools in any of the search engines opening your computer’s browser and you can use the cheat tools in order to skip missions for the game.

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3. Use Cracked Version of Game:-

If you are on some mobile device, you can search for the cracked version of the game in order to be able to skip missions. There are many internet based websites which offer such game versions. All you have to do for this purpose is to download a cracked version of this game on your device and play it with the desired cheat codes.

4. No Such Thing Is Available with the Normal Game:-

If you have bought a company packed game CD for San Andreas GTA Vice city game, you can never skip any mission with this game version. Actually, there is no way to skip missions if you play the game as it is meant to be played. The developers never offer a way to skip missions in the game at all. Instead, it is the hackers and cheaters who keep on coming with cheated and cracked versions of the game.

5. It Is All Your Responsibility:-

Neither the GTA vice city game developers and nor do we claim any kind of cheat or mission skip available with the game, but if you download some cheated version from the internet or from some application based store, it is all your responsibility while downloading such game versions. Most of such cheat websites are either malware or time consuming and application downloading based websites which cheat with you instead of allowing you to cheat in the game.

They ask you to download an application or to complete an offer to access the cheated version of the game, but as soon as you download the application or complete the offer, you find that the software version for the game that they were offering was just a mirage and nothing else.


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