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How to Grow Hair Faster Longer and Thicker

How to Grow Hair Fastly


Women are always eager to have long and strong hairs. Long hair makes them look really great and thus the eagerness is expected. Who does not like to be the spot of spotlight in parties? When you have long hair, all your friends come and ask you how you managed to make them so long. This makes you feel a kind of proud of yourself that you managed to take so good care of them. In order to grow your hair faster, you can adopt some simple changes to your lifestyle which go as follows:-

How to Grow Hair Faster Longer and Thicker

How to Grow Hair Faster Longer and Thicker

1. Dry Scalp Massage:-

Dry scalp massage is the best way to grow hair faster. Dry scalp massage means massaging your hair and scalp with some good oil when your hair are not wet. You can perform this step sitting under the morning sun massaging your hair from tips to roots along with the scalp and then leave them as it is for about an hour. You can have a bath afterwards.

2. Takes Time:-

The hair length takes time to increase. A person taking good care of his or her hair can also thus think that his or her hairs are not getting longer despite of the efforts made. Actually, our hair increase about the size of an inch or so during a month. It takes a care of years to make your hair grow to the suitable length and thus a person who does not get his or her hair trimmed at all can only have a hair length coming till thighs or even below it.

3. Keep Trimming the Split Ends:-

Though I have advised you not to trim your hair in order to bring about a significant increase in their length, but you can still keep trimming the split ends of your hair as these split ends are always troublesome. You can keep split ends in check while grooming your hair once a week in order to trim them.

4. Use a Good Conditioner:-

A good conditioner is always required after application of a good shampoo. If you wish to elongate your hair to a specific length, you can first rinse them off with water and then you can apply a suitable amount of shampoo on them generating the lather. After lather gets generated, you have to keep your hair as it is for five minutes and then you can rinse them off with water. Do not forget to condition your hair afterwards.

5. Allow Some Moisture:-

Some moisture is always needed for achieving a suitable hair growth. You can wrap your hair in a towel while coming out of the bathroom. In some cases, using a hair gain tonic can also prove to be helpful for you. In other cases, massaging your hair with hair length increasing oil can also bring favorable benefits. One such oil is Trichup oil, which is available in all leading medical stores in India. You can use any such trusted products in order to gain a suitable hair length. You can also merge your hair with an artificial ponytail in order to make them look longer.


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