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6 Great Ways to Remove Moles Using Home Remedy

How to Remove Moles


Moles can be understood as the small black spots on your skin as well as face. Though being harmless, these may look unattractive to some people ranging from black to brown or flesh colored spot or patch that gets formed on the skin appearing by the age of 20-30 and can be flat, raised, smooth or with or without hair. Sometimes due to the hormonal changes or due to the sun exposure these moles get increased in number and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us remove them in a better way.

Great Ways to Remove Moles Using Home Remedy

Great Ways to Remove Moles Using Home Remedy

1. Application of Garlic Paste:-

Make some paste from garlic and apply it daily on the target site. You will get relieved from moles soon. Garlic is rich in enzymes that can help you break down the cluster of pigment producing cells and thus get rid of the moles.

2. Pine Apple Juice:-

You can even choose to take out some juice from pine apples and apply it daily on the targeted skin area for quite some days so as to get rid of moles and make them fall off with time. Pine apple juice rather does not gives any side effects and is cheaply available in every vegetable market as well.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar:-

This type of vinegar can be easily made at home and can even be purchased from the market. The content is slightly acidic and can help you a lot in order to remove moles. Simply dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it on your skin, the moles will fall off after application for some continuous days.

4. Medicinal Remedy:-

There are some chemical based remedies that can be bought in use so as to get relieved from the problem of these moles. You may find these types of medicines in the form of capsules and even tubes. Simply make a regular application of these medicines and you will easily get rid of moles.

5. Flax Seed Oil And Castor Oil:-

You can even choose to go for Flax seed oil or castor oil so as to get rid of these moles by making them get lightened and fall off with time. These oils are rather harmless and can be easily purchased from any retailer shop and prove to be equally effective for removing the moles.

6. Iodine Tincture:-

Iodine tincture or tincture of iodine is a proven remedy so as to heal your wounds and can be bought in use to heal the moles as well. Simply clean off the area and apply iodine tincture solution on that mole. After regular application of iodine tincture for few days regularly, the mole is likely to fall down or get light with time.


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