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6 Great Things to Talk about with your Girlfriend

6 Things to Talk About with Your Girlfriend


While talking about with our girl friends, often we get a bit choosy and start talking about useless things like our past and our ex girlfriends, etc. which makes our conversation turn in a big fight and sometimes we do not find any specific matter to talk about with our girl friend what proves to make our relation boring. If we want to make our relation a lifelong process, we can choose to find some better topic with our girlfriend so that she may not feel the conversation to be boring and out relation gets life long and thus here we have come with some tips about the things topics that you can talk with your girlfriend in order to make your relation a life long relation.

Great Things to Talk about with your Girlfriend

Great Things to Talk about with your Girlfriend

1. Planning For The Meeting:-

Sometimes, You can start talking with a topic of your next meeting. You can start by telling that you miss her and you will like to go on a movie with her next weekend or you may get indulged in making plans for the next weekend with her. This will give you a topic to keep on talking and she would not even feel bored rather.

2. Passing Complements:-

You can’t ask your girlfriend to keep on making outing plans always and thus the second thing that you can try on her is to pass her a compliment. Tell her that her voice is cute or you like when she lowers her eyebrows while shying in front of you. Keep complementing as it will give you both a topic to extend your talks with each other.

3. About Your Partner’s Likes And Dislikes:-

Another thing that you can choose to go for while talking with your girlfriend is to ask her about her likes and dislikes. This will give you a chance to know her better and you will both get a topic to keep on talking and as the topic will be based on her, Your girl friend won’t even feel bored with the matter of talk.

4. Career Goals And Dreams:-

The next thing that you can talk on with each other is your career goals and your dreams. Ask your girlfriend what she wants to become in life and ask her about the dreams that she wants to achieve. This will make you know more about her and she won’t even feel bored with it. Rather, it will make you give more space to her.

5. Problems You Face In Life:-

It has been seen that the guys who stay dependent on their girlfriends like they do with their mothers stay even happier than the ones not doing so. With every problem that you experience in your life, ask for her help and seek her to guide you. Tell her that she always comes with the best advise and if you are with her just keep your head in her lap and keep lying for a while. This will increase love between you both.

6. Future Planning:-

You can even manage to talk about your future planning’s or even about physical relations and family matters sometimes. This will make you know her nature deeply and you both will be able to get a topic to keep on talking.


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