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How To GPS Track An Android Phone

How To GPS Track An Android Phone


GPS or Global Positioning System is a kind of chip installed in smart phones these days to make them be able to be tracked by the users or make them able to share their location within the go. The application based on GPS also enables an individual to find his or her phone back in case of a loss or theft as well. In case you have met condition like this, you may choose to cope it up following the ways that we are mentioning here.

How To GPS Track An Android Phone

How To GPS Track An Android Phone

1. Get the GPS Track Device Application Installed:-

In case you have purchased a new phone, you should immediately get mobile tracking software installed in it so as to avail the GPS tracking facility in future. The mobile tracker application will link your mobile with the pre specified contacts as well as E-mail id that you can use in future to access the location of your phone.

2. Get the Phone Confirmed With the Specified Options:-

Not just getting mobile tracker software installed in a system is enough, but instead you will need to run it and make the desired specifications needed for it as well. Simply confirm all the specified options and provide every sort of minute detail about yourself to the application so that you may use it when in need to block the complete access to your phone while in case of some loss or theft.

3. The Phone Recovery Or Theft App To Be Used In Case You Lose It:-

The Mobile tracking applications are either based on the system that includes you, to specify two or three contacts of your knowledge, which would receive an SMS immediately after someone inserts another SIM card in your phone or some even make you free to block an access to multiple applications, contacts etc. and some even enable you to block a complete access to your mobile. Even if the thief tries to use it with a new SIM card, still he would get caught and you would be able to recover your mobile back.

4. Mobile Track Feature in the Non-Smart Phones:-

Even the non smart, simple phones these days come with the mobile tracking feature. Though this one is not GPS enabled but it is focused on SMS technique that includes the phone to start sending SMS even if the thief tries to use another new SIM card with it

5. Look for the Android Device Location within the Internet Based Apps That You Use:-

In case the mobile tracking facility has not been availed, you can still track the location of your phone with the help of GPS. Suppose somebody has stolen your phone and is now using internet over it. The Internet based apps that you have got installed in it would store the location and that location can be seen looking up in the application after signing up to its website online and looking the devices logged in with along with their locations.


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