How to Become a Good English Communicator (5 Steps)

How to Become a Good English Communicator

How to Be a Good Communicator


A good communicator is the one who has got excellent communication skills enough to make someone feel impressed with it. A good communicator is able to better convey his or her ideas in front of people and thus a favorable impact is created in the society. When you have got good communication skills, there is no stage fear left with the associated person and thus it is highly believed that such a person can have a great interaction within no time with a group of people and in case you need to adopt this as your profession, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Become a Good English Communicator

How to Become a Good English Communicator

1. Improve Vocabulary:-

A good communicator is also good in vocabulary and it is a proven fact that when you are good in vocabulary, you know how to make a better use of words along with their meanings. Simply have a dictionary kept along with yourself and learn ten words at least per day so that your vocabulary might be improved.

2. Improve Pronunciation Skills:-

Phonetics is the branch of English that deals with the articulation, pronunciation and punctuation of words. There are some symbols learning which you can easily recognize at which place the stress will be laid while you speak a specific word and thus an improvement in your pronunciation skills will be achieved as well. Try taking some lectures in phonetics to avail the same.

3. Try Facing Mirror:-

Try facing mirror and have multiple mirrors facing sessions within your lifestyle. Mirror face off includes you to prepare yourself with a topic to speak on while recognizing the aspects where you are lagging behind. Mirror acts as your best friend in telling you the things that you lack with and the problems in your body language as well as other such noticed aspects in life. Try working on the gestures that you make, the way you speak as well as the body language.

4. Go to Public Interactions:-

Besides facing off the mirror, you may also try reaching public interaction programs so as to notice how the speakers interact with public and how they are able to make a favorable kind of impact on the audience. Watching multiple such public interactions, you will be able to make the best out of yourself and improve the aspects where you are lagging behind.

5. Participate in Public Addressing:-

Being a part of the audience will make you know the points where the audience gets affected with a speaker and thus you will be able to inculcate every good quality in yourself like this. After you think that you have become capable of addressing the audiences, you may try out reaching some public addressing and participate in it so as to know where are you standing and to what extent your communication skills have got developed. Afterwards you may keep on participating in various debates and declamations so as to bring about the betterment of best in you.