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10 Interesting Global Warming Facts For Kids

10 Global Warming Facts For Kids


Today’s children are future’s adults and thus there is a great need to educate kids right from the beginning to conserve their earth. In this article thus we have come with some facts for kids about global warming that will make them care better about it.

10 Global Warming Facts For Kids

Global Warming Facts For Kids

1. Do you know that when you switch off the bike while you are on a red light, you are saving the earth from global warming? It proves to be icing on the cake if you switch to renewable sources instead of the non-renewable ones.

2. If you look by the statistics on carbon emission in the last 100 years, the record will be more than any world record maker. Have you wondered what happens when somebody burns a piece of coal or petrol? He adds to the number of carbon pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere.

3. If I talk about the rising sea levels, have you ever thought what will happen to the coastal areas if the water keeps on increasing like this only? The areas that come under the coastal region now will get submerged in next 100 years and the areas that come nearby coastal areas now will become the coastal areas after it happens.

4. Are you fond of going to the hill stations? Think if all the ice melts on these glaciers, will you still like going for trips in these places? What if there is no cold season and there is just summer all the time? Do you know that the glaciers have got shrinked much during the last 100 years?

5. Those who feel it impossible for them to live without an air conditioner, If the heat waves keep on getting intense like this, your condition will be the same like an egg on a frying pan with fire under it. Will you like to live in a world like that?

6. Another thing that global warming will make us meet is frequent floods due to the melting glaciers and more storms which means more loss of livelihood and loss of property as well. Have you ever thought why the cases of tsunamis and hurricanes and storms are getting increased day by day?

7. Do you know that the Americans that contribute only 5% of the world’s total population emit much carbon than the other nations in form of fossil fuels and vehicle generated gases. Even a single leaf that you burn is responsible for causing global warming of the earth.

8. The increase in global methane abundance had gone up to 258% if I go by the statistics in my hands. Methane is a greenhouse gas that contributes in global warming.

9. The cases of forest fires are increasing day by day, have you thought why? The wood in forests gets heated up and gets more likely to catch fire. If global warming keeps on increasing like this only, with every coming year, the world will meet huge losses of flora and fauna.

10. You must have heard about deforestation right? To make furniture and paper products, a large number of trees are cut down every year. Trees act as a natural regulator of atmospheric gases and they emit oxygen and consume carbon dioxide and other waste emitted by humans, will the world survive if it keeps on happening like this?


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