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How to Give Your Dog a Bath at Home

how to give your dog the best bath at home


Dog is a four legged animal that most of us prefer to keep as pet in our houses. Dogs are loyal, friendly and they are always faithful to their owner. Most of us prefer to keep dogs either in the house to serve as a company for our children by bringing home a dog breed like boxer or pug or we bring them home for keeping a watch over trespassers like when we bring home a breed like German shepherd or Pit Bull etc. With a great power there comes a great responsibility and with a great dog there comes a great need to take care of it by making it have a bath in order to get rid of the dirt and mites. In order to give your dog a bath, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Give Your Dog a Bath at Home

How to Give Your Dog a Bath at Home

1. Use a Special Dog Soap:-

Some dog breeds like German shepherd start losing a significant amount of their hair if you use an ordinary kind of soap with their skin. In order to prevent their skin from shedding hair, you should bring in use a special dog soap which can be purchased from any medical store.

2. Keep the Dog Chained:-

When you pour water on your dog’s body, the dog is but obvious to try running forward in order to save its body from getting wet. You should keep the dog chained in order to prevent it from running in order to hide. Besides this, even the water should not be extra hot so as to prevent its skin from meeting damage.

3. Generate the Lather:-

Pour water on the dog’s skin to make its surface wet. Now use soap in order to generate lather or foam with the dog’s skin and use an anti-mite comb if you fear that the dog might be infested with mites. Just brush its skin along with the hair covering its entire body, but prevent the lather from entering the dog’s eyes.

4. Rinse Off With Water:-

Here comes the time to rinse off your dog with water. Here we spray or pour a significant amount of water on the dog’s body to make the soap foam or lather be washed away. The mites if any will also get washed away with the foam and your dog will get free from mites.

5. Pat Dry the Dog:-

Here comes the time to pat dry the dog with its towel. Though the dog is supposed to remove the most of water on its body by moving its body back and forth. You can remove the rest of water on its body by wiping it off with a towel.

6. Give it a Treat:-

The dog is supposed to find a place with sun rays in this time if it is not chained. You can prevent it from getting inside mud if it is supposed to enter such place by giving it a treat of cereals or pedigree. The dog will start eating it and it won’t even make itself unclean again.


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