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How to Give Body Massage to Your Wife

how to give a full body massage to your wife


Massaging is the way of working and acting on the human body with pressure. One can use skin oils/hot oils and even medicinal creams in order to massage someone. When we are talking about massaging our wives, we are not just talking about massaging but a way of love making and coming closer as well. Massage includes you to use your fingers, elbows, knees, forearm and even feet, to apply the oil with pressure on your partner’s body and the way she feels in such a situation is your gift or reward as the better you make her feel during this time, the better your relationship will get afterwards. Here are some ways which can be adapted by a husband while massaging his wife:-

How to Give Body Massage to Your Wife

How to Give Body Massage to Your Wife

1. Prepare the Massaging Environment:-

Lay a mattress or chair or any other place of lying down or sitting so that your female partner may be able to make herself comfortable on it. It is better if you use a stool instead of a chair if you are going to massage her in sitting position as it will give you a better exposure of her body.

2. Ask Your Wife to Remove Her Clothes:-

Now when your wife has made herself comfortable on the chair/floor with mat on it, you can ask your wife to remove her clothes. You can perform massaging of her upper body first and then for the lower body if she is in a sitting position and you can do it for her complete one side if she is in a lying position. Just ask her to remove her clothes and garments and you can prepare the oil mixture till this time.

3. Apply Oil on Her Body:-

Now take a suitable amount of oil on your palm and start rubbing it slightly on her body. Don’t be greedy with the oil and instead pour enough amount of it on her body in such a way that each and every portion of her body gets covered with a layer of oil over it.

4.  Feel Her Body While Applying the Oil:-

Now you have to apply the oil gently on her body while trying to feel her body. You should be aware about the parts of the body where you need to apply extra pressure while massaging and the parts where you have to apply less pressure while massaging.

5. Press and Hold Her Skin:-

Some husbands often stay confused with the way of applying pressure while massaging their wife. Just press and hold her particular portion of skin while rubbing it with your oil dipped fingers. Keep spreading the amount of oil from one part of her body to the other likewise with the same approach.

6. Use Light Strokes to Make Her Tissues Relaxed:-

Use light strokes in order to make her body tissues feel relaxed. Don’t forget to fondle her soft parts of the body so that she may feel excited and relaxed at the same time. Besides this, the choice of oil also matters. Hot oils are preferred the most by many husbands while massaging the private parts of their wives. This makes them sensuous as well as romantic at the same time.


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