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How to Give a Good Leg Massage

How to Massage Legs


Leg massage includes application of creams and oils with hands while applying a significant amount of pressure on the pressure points. Massage includes the working and acting on body with pressure, which may be structured or unstructured. This pressure may be stationary or moving and you can use your hands, feet, fingers, elbows, forearm or any other part of your body while doing this. Here we are dealing with the legs and thus if you are planning to give a leg massage to yourself, you will have to use a part of body with an easy access to legs and this includes the hands and forearm. In order to massage legs, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Give a Good Leg Massage

How to Give a Good Leg Massage

1. Make the subject lie on a massage table:-

A leg massage is best given when the subject is lying over a mat laid on the floor. You can even give it when the subject is sitting in a massage chair. You can adopt any comfortable position provided it supports you while massaging and even the subject feel comfortable while getting his/her legs massaged.

2. Make the subject have a pedicure:-

You can begin the massage by giving the subject a good pedicure in which you will file off his/her nails and then you will apply a moisturizing lotion massaging his/her legs in a favorable way.  Before pedicure, you should wash the subject’s legs with water. Once you give the legs a perfect wash, you can pat dry them with a towel and then you can begin the pedicure.

3. Application of oils and lotion:-

Giving a leg massage is all about the application of oils, lotions and other such essentials while massaging. You can use all your five fingers, your forearm and every other area of your hand in order to massage the subject.

4. Movement of your hands while massaging:-

While massaging, you have to keep your hand open and fingers relaxed. You have to glide your hands over the subject’s legs while massaging. Begin with the feet and keep coming upside while massaging and applying oils. Give multiple strokes on each leg witting your calves, shins, quads, hamstrings. Begin light and then apply pressure while moving in circles over the desired area of your leg.

5. Press and squeeze:-

There is a perfect way of massaging. You begin by squeezing your toes and then the other parts of the leg. When you come upside, you apply pressure on the muscles that I have mentioned in the previous step. You can use both your hands in order to do this. Just apply oil, press and squeeze.

6. Give It a Tough Hand:-

Just give the subject a tough hand while massaging and applying pressure. Use your palm, the side of your hand and the grab of your fingers as a pressure applying method. The more you apply pressure, the more will the person feel relieved against stress and pain. It is better if you use hot oil, but you can also use the other oils like coconut oil as well.


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