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6 Facts Why Girls Love Chocolate

Why Girls Love Chocolate


Chocolate is a product made with cocoa seeds. It is typically sweet and brown in color.  The seeds of cocoa are first roasted and then flavored to convert in the form of liquid or paste and then they are converted to the form of a particular flavor of chocolate adding nuts, raisins and other such products to it. Seeds of cacao tree have a bitter kind of taste which gets converted to smooth chocolaty taste after converting it to chocolate mixing it with flavors. The seeds of cacao await fermentation and when they finally ferment, they are dried, cleaned and roasted. Most of the girls prefer their husbands/boyfriends to bring chocolate for them as a present even if they are not demanding enough about costly presents. There can be many reasons to this question why girls love chocolate and some of those reasons can be elaborated as follows:-

Why Girls Love Chocolate

6 Facts Why Girls Love Chocolate

1. The rich taste of fruits and nuts:-

Most of the chocolate flavors today are based on the rich taste of fruits and nuts, which proves to be a better substitute to make your day lucky. This rich taste of fruits and nuts is better for simply everyone. These days chocolates like dairy milk melt when you take them out of the packet and it serves to be the better way of enjoying this rich taste.

2. Chocolates these days have become a symbol of love:-

Chocolates these days have become a great way of demonstrating love. Even the chocolate companies are coming with taglines like “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye” and advertisements of love demonstration by sharing chocolates. Everyone follows the television trend and this trend is also one of the working factors that make girls fall in love with chocolates.

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3. The health benefits in the form of flavonoids:-

Most of the chocolates contain a rich content of flavonoids. These are a kind of metabolites that provide benefits to an individual by antioxidant effect through cell signaling pathways. This content of antioxidants is found beneficial for treatment of various other such health disorders as well.

4. The way chocolates are presented:-

The way chocolates are presented by various companies is also one of the ways in which chocolate attract females. The companies wrap these chocolates in heart shaped moulds and shape them up in chocolate shaped cases. These heart shaped cases often attract much of us and females can’t be spared from that.

5. Helpful for women in hormonal changes:-

Chocolates also assist women in case they experience hormonal imbalances. Chocolates generate a hormone called serotonin. This hormone is a happiness hormone and it helps to regulate the mood and mood swings. Most of the chocolates are also found helpful in relieving omen against depression as well.

6. Beneficial as a mood regulator:-

Chocolate is one of the best substitutes to regulate mood. These hormones result in generation dopamine which is a hormone that helps women feel mentally alert. The lack of this hormone causes lack of attention and concentration and when women consume chocolates, they feel their mood to be regulates which is why they prefer chocolates.


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